Food Autonomy Festival #5 in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Wageningen

During the first two weekends of June we will host the 5th edition of the Food Autonomy Festival (FAF). Once again we will take the opportunity to come together and share knowledge … verder lezen

FAF#3: sunny and busy

On Thursday May 30, about 50 people gathered in the Lutkemeer polder, in Amsterdam West, to occupy a terrain for the 3rd edition of the Food Autonomy Festival. Activists chose to set … verder lezen

SEEDmail #45 – About action camps and gastivists

The weather is autumnal and luckily for our food production it is raining again. The watering cans and pumps have been stored and during the darker evenings we have the opportunity again … verder lezen

Action camp in the summer of 2013

Also this summer there are many places to camp in an active way. And with the diverse themes there is something for every’s choice. And yes, you can go on a cycling … verder lezen

Climate Action Camp Leuven: Parkveld is occupied!

In the night from 1 to 2nd of August climate activists setup their tents on Parkveld in Heverlee (Leuven – Belgium). This is where the Belgian Climate Action Camp will take place from 3 to 8 of August. For 5 days climate activists will gather to debate, exchange experiences, live together in a climate-neutral, vegan and grass roots democratic way, and do actions against climate change. Amongst other issues the camp aims to draw attention to the black as soot investments of the big bank systems in our country.
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Action Camps in 2012

Also on 2012 a nice list of action camps have been organised to make it possible for you to spend your time well this summer.     [:]

Agriculture action camp 2012: inspiring and prosperous

Successful action day against GM soy Between the 4th and the 11th of July our second Agriculture Action Camp took place in Den Bosch, in the south of the Netherlands. The motto … verder lezen