The strategy of the curved cucumbers

A new documentary about a garden coop near Freiburg A movie screening at Vokomokum German language with English subtitles Date: Friday October 25th Start time : 20:00 (length about 1 hour) Address: … verder lezen

„Reclaim the Fields“ meets Klimacamp

[Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutsh] Woensdagmorgen 28 augustus is in Manheim, in de buurt van het Hambacher Forstes, het Europese „Reclaim The Fields Camp“ (RTF) begonnen. Op het moment … verder lezen

Action camp in the summer of 2013

Also this summer there are many places to camp in an active way. And with the diverse themes there is something for every’s choice. And yes, you can go on a cycling … verder lezen