Ook Milieucommissie EU geeft negatief advies over voorgestelde zadenwet. Nu het Europees Parlement nog.

[Sorry, this article is available in Dutch] Afgelopen dinsdag heeft DG ENVI (milieucommissie) in Brussel met 37 tegen 2 tegen voorstel voor de nieuwe zadenwetgeving gestemd. Preciezer gezegd betekent dit dat deze … verder lezen

Objections to EC proposal on EU seedlaws

Letter to the Permanent Parliamentary Commission for Economic Affairs in advance of the debate regarding the European proposals. In may 2013 the European Commission brought forward proposals for new European seed legislation. … verder lezen

Urgent call: block the import of toxic gm maize

Send a letter to Commissioner Borg and forward this call today! On 11 July representatives of national governments will decide, if the most complex GM crop, so called smartstax,  can be imported … verder lezen

Critisism on proposal EU Commission for seed laws

On May 6 2013 the European Commission presented, after months of lobby work, discussions and negotiations, the official proposal for a regulation on seeds and propagating material (S & PM). The previous … verder lezen