Report Workshop: Seed freedom and the EU seed law

During the Food Otherwise Conference in Wageningen on February 22 ASEED orgnised a workshop on seed freedom, the concentration on the European seedmarket and the latest developments with the EU Seed Law. … verder lezen

EU Seedlaw rejected by European Parliament

The proposal for a new European Seed law has just been rejected by the European Parliament. This is a victory for all the organisations and individuals that have protested and organised against … verder lezen

Objections to EC proposal on EU seedlaws

Letter to the Permanent Parliamentary Commission for Economic Affairs in advance of the debate regarding the European proposals. In may 2013 the European Commission brought forward proposals for new European seed legislation. … verder lezen

Critisism on proposal EU Commission for seed laws

On May 6 2013 the European Commission presented, after months of lobby work, discussions and negotiations, the official proposal for a regulation on seeds and propagating material (S & PM). The previous … verder lezen