Geef Tegengas: Action Camp

No climate justice on occupied land! We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and support the student protests and their demands. Universities are not the only ones with ties to oppressive … verder lezen

Yara Fertilizes Chaos

Have you ever heard that fertilizers are essential to feed an ever-growing global population? Has anyone told you that it is a miracle that there are fertilizers to grow food and feed people … verder lezen

The connection between the Hydrogen energy hype, fertilizers and the fossil fuel industry

Why the synthetic fertilizer industry loves fossil fuels:Synthetic fertilizers producers rely on fossil fuels as their main input. Through multiple industrial processes fossil gas is converted to the fertilizer Ammonia (NH₃). As … verder lezen

ASEED Reading Group: Green Colonialism in Palestine –> UPDATE: also recovery space

! UPDATE ! Due to the events of the past weeks, we want to host the social space of Villa Intifada as an informal reading cafe, but also as a recovery space. … verder lezen

ASEED Reading Group: Green Colonialism x Industrial Agriculture

The next session of our Green Colonialism reading group is coming up! Green Colonialism is a concept that can be used to identify patterns in international relations that follow the colonial logic … verder lezen

ASEED Reading Group: Green Colonialism x Food Autonomy

📣 We are back with another edition of the ASEED reading group! 📣 This time we want to engage with green colonialism. This is a concept that can be used to identify … verder lezen

🔥 People’s Summit Against EGC 🔥

One more year, we’ll take part in the counter conference to the European Gas Conference (EGC) on Vienna! While the EGC will bring together big corporations and politicians to give continuity to … verder lezen

Debunking Yara’s lies about their so-called “Regenerative Agriculture”

Synthetic nitrogen fertilizer giant Yara International has published a paper detailing “Our Position on Regenerative Agriculture” as a part of a larger marketing campaign to greenwash their destructive, neo-colonial and exploitative practices. … verder lezen

Regenerative Agriculture: an answer to YARA’s “answer to the future of farming”

– Big agrobusinesses are co-opting regenerative agriculture, distorting it to fit a business-as-usual agenda as a greenwashing tactic. – True regenerative agriculture originates from and is led by BIPOC, peasant, and Majority … verder lezen

Reading Group #2: Synthetic fertilizers & the big agribusinesses that produce them

We approaching the second session of our ASEED Reading Group! Let’s grow our brains together as we discuss hot topics in our Fossil Free Agriculture Campaign. We will get cozy and dive … verder lezen

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