Livestock & Anthropogenic Green House Gases in the era of the Capitalocene

How Industrial Livestock Production is Causing Climate Change and how to Organise Against it.   Introduction During the International Geological Congress held in Cape Town last year, a group of scientists announced … verder lezen

European Patent for Monsanto’s non-gm soy beans

Monsanto gets European patent on screening biodiversity in soybean plants for climate adaption. European Patent Office support Monsanto again with a bio-piracy patent on a non-gm crop. On February 26 2014 the … verder lezen

30 Oct 2013: March Against MonsantoS

For an agriculture without Monsanto, Bayer and other poisoners Woensdag 30 oktober 2013 demonstreerden 200 mensen bij de RAI in Amsterdam tegen de chemische industrie die daar op dat moment bijeen was … verder lezen

[:nl]Persbericht: Protest bij RAI tegen Monsanto en chemische industrie

[Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch] 24 oktober 2013 – Woensdag 30 oktober om 14.00 start voor de RAI in Amsterdam een protest tegen de chemische industrie. Daar vindt op … verder lezen

Roundup Ready Soy is breaking down Paraguay

An article from ASEED’s old friend Marjolein van de Water in the Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant. She writes about the devastating effects of the soy production in Paraguay. [:]

How are we really going to feed the world?

The speech Guus Geurts gave during the March Against Monsanto in Wageningen (June 25 2013) Exists only in Dutch.[:]

“Monsanto, there we are”

Speech from Linda Coenen from ASEED during the March Against Monsanto in Wageningen.   Monsanto, there we are. ‘Improving agriculture, improving life’ is their slogan. But what kind of company is Monsanto … verder lezen

Monsanto and their friends

[Sorry, this entry exists only in Dutch] Toespraak door Tjerk Dalhuisen van op 25 juni 2013 bij aanvang van de March Against Monsanto te Wageningen. We demonstreren hier vandaag tegen Monsanto. … verder lezen

Marches Against Monsanto

On Saturday May 25th 2012 four Marches Against Monsanto took place in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam and Wageningen there were about 3000 and 2500 protesters. In Den Haag around 500 and in … verder lezen

Glyphosaat, poisonous green stuff in the defence

roundup-met-sojaboon-250While in the Netherlands the Reclame Advies Commissie (advisory commission for commercials) corrects Monsanto – the chemical company was unjustly saying that glyphosate, the main ingredient of their best selling pesticide Roundup is not polluting the soil – the lobby of the intensive agriculture lounged a new website to protect the selling of this green poison’.

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