Reading Group Cozy Edition – How do we connect to land?

Hi friends! The year is approaching its end and we would love to come together one more time, this time for a bit of a different reading group. Inspired by our last … verder lezen

Reading group – Who controls the land?

It’s time for another reading group! After really interesting conversations last time about food sovereignty, this time we want to focus on an aspect essential to realize food sovereignty: land. Issues around … verder lezen

Online Reading Group on Food Sovereignty/Autonomy vs Food Security

We are back with the monthly reading group online again where we share and discuss ideas together about the texts we have read. In this reading group we want to dive deeper into … verder lezen

Reading group report #5 – Veganism and Organic Farming

Written by one of our beloved reading group members, thank you! In this ASEED reading group session, we discussed the animal-human relationship in the context of food production. The three articles are … verder lezen

Reading Group Report # 4 – Gender & Agriculture

Reading group // 29.01.2020 // Gender & Agriculture    Women who dig – Chapter Uganda Enraged: Women and Nature Donna Andrews, Kiah Smith and M. Alejandra Morena  Feminist agroecology for food sovereignty … verder lezen

Reading group report #3 – Women in Nature of Staying Alive 

Reading group // 17.12.2019 // Gender & Agriculture  Vandana Shiva – Chapter 3 Women in Nature of Staying Alive  „With the violation of nature is linked the violation and marginalization of women, … verder lezen

Reading group report #2 – Indigenous Resistance

“Indigenous resistance is not a one-time event. It continually asks: What proliferates in the absence of empire? Thus, it defines freedom not as the absence of settler colonialism, but as the amplified … verder lezen

Reading group report #1 – Non-violence & violence

On the 30th of October, ASEED organised a reading group on the topic of direct action: non-violence and diversity of tactics. The evening was very inspiring and filled with new insights. Thank … verder lezen