What do we want?

  Today the Annual General Meeting of Yara is taking place in Norway. While they discuss how to grow their criminal business with their investors, we say loud and clear: We need … verder lezen

Farmers, workers, taxpayers: we’re all paying for Yara’s profits

Yara takes advantage of farmers’ dependency on fertilizers to make profits. The company made record profits during the 2022-23 energy crises while the prices farmers had to pay for fertilizers tripled in … verder lezen

Feeding the world… Really?

Fertilizer producers claim they are feeding the world, but do they? Recent events and studies showed that fertilizers were actually fueling food insecurity. They are making our food systems depend on unpredictable … verder lezen

Yara’s neocolonial business in Africa

The agro-industrial system that is dominant in Europe – globalized, industrial and export-oriented – is looking to take over the world. Global corporations like Cargill, Yara, and Nestlé continue past colonization with … verder lezen

Greenwashing: Yara is feeding us with lies 

The fertilizer giant Yara is trying to promote itself as a climate champion, at the forefront of the fight against climate change. However, the fertilizer industry contributes about 2.4% of GhG emissions … verder lezen

Polluted water, polluted air: our health impacted by fertilizers

Fertilizers massively pollute water and air. Because plants only absorb around half of the nitrogen applied to the crops, the rest leeches into rivers, lakes, the ocean, and the groundwater, causing an … verder lezen

The fertilizer industry: a fossil fuel industry as any other

Fertilizer giants such as Yara have been coined the ‘Exxons and Shells of industrial agriculture’. Almost all industrial nitrogen fertilizers are currently manufactured from fossil fuels, mainly gas or, in some countries, coal … verder lezen

Yara: master of the agro-industry through synthetic fertilizers

Pesticides are made to kill pests, fertilizers are made to feed the plants. They accelerate processes that exist naturally to bring to plants the nutrients and minerals they need. Let’s introduce you … verder lezen