Successful blockades in the Rhineland; ASEED report from Ende Gelände, June 2019

Last weekend around 6,000 activists gathered in Viersen for another Action Camp organized by Ende Gelande in order to “SHUT SHIT DOWN” and celebrate mass civil disobedience actions aiming to disrupt the … verder lezen

Free the Soil camp planned for September 19-25!

You read right, this weekend at the International plenary in Bremen we collectively decided on the dates for the Free the Soil camp and action: September 19-25! There were around 40 folks … verder lezen

Duizenden mensen in actie tegen bruinkool (Ende Gelände 2018)

In de tot nu toe grootste burgelijk ongehoorzame actie tegen de fossiele industrie in Europa zijn vanmorgen naar schatting tussen de 5.000 a 6.000 mensen vertrokken naar blokkadeacties tegen de bruinkoolmijnbouw in … verder lezen

From NL to DE: Take a ride with us to Ende Gelände!

This October 25th-29th, thousands of people will gather for the next Ende Gelände mass civil disobedience protest. We will be using our bodies and stand in the way of the gigantic coal … verder lezen

Solidarity with Hambach Forest! Stop Climate change!

From the threatened Lutkemeerpolder in Amsterdam we stand in solidarity with everyone fighting to protect the Hambach Forest, which is at this moment being destroyed by RWE and the German state. Hambach … verder lezen

‘Coal Busters’ take action against polluting coal in the Amsterdam Harbour

[only available in Dutch] In de vroege ochtend van 13 mei heeft een groep actievoerders een transportband van de Nuon kolencentrale bezet en daar een banner met de tekst ‘STOP COAL” opgehangen. … verder lezen

ASEED at Pinksterlanddagen in Appelscha – 22-25/05

ASEED will be at the anarchist festival Pinksterlanddagen in Appelscha. Every year, more than 500 people meet up in the North of the Netherlands for 4 days of political discussions, workshops, movies, … verder lezen

European Assembly of Reclaim the Fields in the UK

Reclaim the Fields is a constellation of young people and collective projects willing to go back to the land and reassume the control over food production. It is determined to create alternatives … verder lezen

Action camps and biketours in 2014

Once again this summer, it will be possible to cycle and camp for a good cause. Often this is a more interesting way to spend your time than going to the beach … verder lezen

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