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Dec 15 2009: Resistance is Ripe

Image Agriculture action day during the UN Climate Summit in Denmark

The Resistance is Ripe Agriculture action day started with a demonstration at 12am. Hundreds of people marched through the centre of town behind a banner reading "Food System Change, not Climate Change". The march stopped outside the Netto supermarket for speeches about the importance of food sovereignty and the links between climate change, agriculture and exploitation of people.
 – Watch photo & sound reportage by StoorzenderTV here –
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Dec 13 2009: Via Campesina against meat industry

ImageAs part of the many protests against the current climate summit, Via Campesina organised on December 13 an action in front of the building of organisations of the large scale Danish farmers, including the pork and poultry farmers. On the square a theatre play took place with pigs in a cage. Big business gave them soy, antibiotics and messed  around with GMOs. The pigs were freed by the small farmers that don't want those big corporation, but food sovereignty. System change, not climate change!… verder lezen

From the WTO in Geneva to the COP in Copenhagen

ImageIn recent months there has been a lot of attention for the upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen, with good reasons. But first, from November 30 until December 2, the World Trade Organisation will meet in Geneva. Blind to the many economical, ecological and social crises, the economic powers will talk about further liberalisation of world trade. Luckily the Swiss anti-wto network has also been very busy. They have prepared an interesting action program. "Ten years after Seattle" will be celebrated in an appropriate way, starting with a big general demonstration on November 28th.… verder lezen

Change the Food System, not the Climate!

Resistance is Ripe! Local production for local consumption

Call to the Climate Agriculture Action Day December 15th, 2009

As scientific predictions of climate catastrophe continue to grow, world leaders gather in Copenhagen on 7-18 December 2009 at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – and the world waits for action. The people are ready to change the world in order to save it –  but so far government solutions have revolved around setting up market mechanisms to avoid making real changes – and the climate crisis continues to grow.… verder lezen

Agriculture and climate change: Real problems, false solutions

The climate summit in Copenhagen is due and finally the enormous impact of modern agriculture on the climate is starting to become a topic in the climate talks. The solutions that the industrial agriculture and trade offer are very different to the solutions offered by sustainable farming and smallholders organisations. The Report "Agriculture and climate hange: Real problems, false solutions" from Econexus, Biofuelwatch, Grupo de Reflexion Rural and NOAH takes a closer look.… verder lezen

A G8 on agriculture without farmers = more hunger and poverty

Treviso, 21 April 2009 – The first G8 on Agriculture which ended on April 20 in Cison di Valmarino produced a final declaration which not only admits its own failures in the past, but previews a future full of contradictions. The G8 will never be able to alleviate hunger in the world by making its decisions behind closed doors, in the absence of the main actors in the global debate on agriculture – the millions of peasants and family farmers, women and men, who feed the world.… verder lezen

Seminar about Association agreements EU and Central America, and the Right to Food

February 5: The next round of negotiations for the association agreement between the EU and Central America will take place in January 26-30 in Brussels. Following this round FIAN-Sweden, FIAN-Nederland, Transnational Institute and XminY bring two civil society speakers working on the impact of association agreements on Human Rights.… verder lezen

Women occupy eucalyptus lands of Stora Enso

The police have violently evicted the peaceful land occupation of Via Campesina women, injuring as many as 50 women. This action was taking place among other activities organised for the International Women Day on the 8th of March.

On Tuesday, 4 March, around 900 women of the Via Campesina occupied the Tarumã Farm, 2,100 hectares big, in the municipality of Rosário do Sul, at about 400 km from the state capital Porto Alegre. They arrived at the area at about 6 am and started immediately to cut down eucalyptus trees and to plant native trees seedlings.… verder lezen

Global Agriculture – publications made for the 2007 G8 summit in Germany

In 2007 the Summit of the G8 (the seven most powerful western countries plus nuclear power Russia) took place in Germany. To get agriculture on the agenda the German 'Aktionsnetzwerk Globale Landwirtschaft' published a lot of background information and organised many info-events. During the summit several events and actions were organised. A SEED took part in this network.
The G8-summit is over, but the info and analysises are still very useful. … verder lezen

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