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Besides joining or helping ASEED it is also possible to organise and do your own actions. This is actually much better! But we would like to help and support you as much as we can. For example, you can be active by sharing information and materials, by bringing people in … verder lezen

SEEDmail #22 – June 2012

Fresh from the oven, euh, press: there will be a MOBILE BREAD OVEN at the Agriculture Action Camp. This newsletter is mainly an update on that event, starting next week. Read more about it in English below the Dutch part. Also: new materials in Dutch (Farmer to Farmer and video report of the Reclaim the Seeds weekend), our Food sovereignty brochure in NL and ENG, and we are looking for 1 or 2 new EVS-ers.

Annual Report 2008

The annual report gives a good overview of the activities of A SEED Europe in 2008. There are two version available to download: Here you can find a higher resolution version to print and a smaller version that is good enough to watch online.

SEEDmail #21 – May 2012

SEEDmail May 2012: Of field liberators, action camps and much more.

Welcome to SEEDmail, the digital newsletter of ASEED. In the previous one we announced the Reclaim the Seeds weekend of early March. It was a great success. Since then we have been busy with the preparations of new campaigns and actions. High time for some announcements and reports. Enjoy reading.

SEEDmail #20 – February 2012

Hello, here is SEEDmail, the seediest ASEED newsletter so far, featuring:
1. Reclaim the Seeds – seed fair + volunteer call  – 10-11 March
2. Kokopelli Collective on the way to success within the European seed regulations
3. Agriculture action camp – 5-10 July
4. Albert Heijn’s Irresponsible Soy: get Ahold!
5. BASF announces GMO retreat from Europe
6. Workshop on agroecological farming and food movement
7. Food sovereignty and VersVoko Food Co-ops
8. Flemish ngo´s reject field trial of gmo-corn VIB
9. Slow Science Workshop, 30 March 2012, VUB Brussels
10. Vokomokum on Dutch television
11. Wij zijn het megazat – 17 March 12.00hr – Dam square Amsterdam


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SEEDmail #19 – December 2011 / January 2012

2012: Year of Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Diversity. (English version below)

ASEED heeft uw financiële steun harder nodig dan ooit: Schenk gul!

Beste vrienden,

We vragen niet snel rechtstreeks om financiële steun, maar het zal niemand verbazen dat wij, net als vele andere initiatieven op activistisch, cultureel of sociaal gebied, steeds meer moeite hebben om voldoende geld te vinden om onze organisatie en activiteiten te kunnen voortzetten. Uw hulp steunt de strijd voor het milieu en voor sociale rechtvaardigheid.

SEEDmail #18 – December 2011

Hello – new SEEDmail –  hasty greetings and see you soon:

SEEDmail #17 – June 2011

Extreme drought or not, thanks to EHEC this spring’s harvest of cucumbers, paprika and tomatoes went straight into a eurogarbage gazpacho, enough to fill a lake. But never mind the inevitable industrial food-system meltdown: Here is SEEDMAIL June 2011 delivering the goods.

SEEDmail #16 – May 2011

Hello even snel tussendoor: quick update, English below.

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