Monsanto’s impact on basic human rights

After several months of work following the hearings of witnesses and experts (The Hague, Oct. 2016), the five judges of the Monsanto Tribunal have delivered their conclusions in a 60-pages legal advisory … verder lezen

The Climate Crisis is a Food System Crisis

“The climate crisis is a food system crisis” is a new publication from ASEED that outlines the climate impacts of the industrial food system and how a select few transnational corporations maintain … verder lezen

Climate, agriculture and animals- a demonstration against EuroTier

On the 12th of November a demonstration took place in the German town of Hannover. About 350 people demonstrated against EuroTier, a large business fair for the animal industry. With the slogan … verder lezen

The Monsanto Tribunal in the home stretch

The takeover of Monsanto by Bayer has officially been announced for $66 billion, bringing this way a lot of press and public attention to the Monsanto Tribunal.

There is a Climate Treaty, now we have to stop climate change

On December 12th, a new agreement has been signed at the UN Climate summit after a day of delay. Unfortunately, nothing concrete has been agreed upon. The words ‘fossil fuels’ and ‘agriculture’ … verder lezen

Red Line in front of Danone Head Quarters

On December 9 an action took place at the headquarters of Danone (a large French agribusiness, well known for its dairy products and bottled waters like Evian) in Paris. A red line … verder lezen

COP21 – report December 4: business event opened and closed soon afterwards

Today was the opening of Solutions COP21. As this is a stage for the big polluters to present themselves and to try to mislead the public and media with their green talk, … verder lezen

COP21 – Report December 3 – enlightment along the Champs-Élysées

How come IKEA suddenly provides streetlights and power generation? Isn’t their core business producing disposable furniture and evading taxes? Anyway, to promote yourself you have to be creative nowadays. For example you … verder lezen

The Monsanto Tribunal

During the Climate Summit in Paris, the date of the Monsanto Tribunal has been revealed. It will take place in: The Hague – 14th – 16th of October 2016 For an increasing … verder lezen

Report December 2 – the Art of Organising

Now well set up in Paris, the intention is to organize all kinds of things, talk to people and to follow what is happening inside and outside of the conference. So there … verder lezen

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