7000 people at the Amsterdam Climate March!

On Sunday 30th November 2015, 7000 people gathered on Museumplein in Amsterdam for the Dutch Climate March, the Klimaatparade. While the Paris march has been forbidden, many demonstrations were organised in big … verder lezen

COP21 – Report December 1 – Corporate Smart Agriculture

CSA = community supported agriculture CSA = community supported agriculture CSA = community supported agriculture And repeat another 97 times. While reading in the bus on the way to Paris, I decided … verder lezen

ASEED is still going to Paris

Beginning of December a large UN Climate Summit (COP21) is going to take place in Paris, you have probably heard about it. ASEED is planning some events to raise awareness about greenwashing … verder lezen

Many Marches Against Monsanto in the Netherlands

On Saturday May 23 there will be world wide protest against Monsanto, a large company monopolising agriculture with its pesticides, seeds, patents and lobby activities. In the Netherlands there will be Marches … verder lezen

Research is questioning certification of ‘sustainable’ palm oil

The Dutch government directs tens of millions of development euros to the controversial Round tables for palm oil, soy, cotton, sugar, meat etc. Critics – including farmers’ organisations and NGOs from the … verder lezen

New GM soy from Bayer is resistant against more herbicides

Bayer CropScience has launched a new soy product range. The corporation has started selling glyphosate and glufosinate resistant GMO soy seed under the brand name Credenz. Other varieties which have added resistance … verder lezen

European Patent for Monsanto’s non-gm soy beans

Monsanto gets European patent on screening biodiversity in soybean plants for climate adaption. European Patent Office support Monsanto again with a bio-piracy patent on a non-gm crop. On February 26 2014 the … verder lezen

Roundup Ready Soy is breaking down Paraguay

An article from ASEED’s old friend Marjolein van de Water in the Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant. She writes about the devastating effects of the soy production in Paraguay. [:]

Glyphosaat, poisonous green stuff in the defence

roundup-met-sojaboon-250While in the Netherlands the Reclame Advies Commissie (advisory commission for commercials) corrects Monsanto – the chemical company was unjustly saying that glyphosate, the main ingredient of their best selling pesticide Roundup is not polluting the soil – the lobby of the intensive agriculture lounged a new website to protect the selling of this green poison’.

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The Netherlands subsidises biggest soy producers in South America

Geld ontwikkelingshulp misbruikt voor steun aan veevoer

Nederlands belastinggeld wordt gebruik voor het steunen van grote sojaproducenten in Brazilië en Argentinië. Dat blijkt uit een bericht van de Belgische belangenvereniging voor veevoer Bemefa samen met het Instituut Duurzame Handel (1). De subsidie gaat niet naar kleine boeren, maar naar enorme bedrijven met vele tienduizenden hectares. De steun is voor zogenaamd ‘verantwoorde’ soja. Het gaat hier echter om soja die met genetisch manipulatie bestand is gemaakt tegen het onkruidbestrijdingsmiddel Roundup. De enorme monoculturen worden op grote schaal met dit gif bespoten.

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