International solidarity with ‘Silvino Talavera’: Visit to Paraguayan embassy in Brussels
Ambassador Raul Vera Bogado: “This is a landmark case”.

Important Update! Now, in december 2006, the court case against the soy producers responsible for Silvino's death is finally over and the convicted farmers will go to jail.

Monday, 30 October 2006 – A group of seven activists and campaigners went to the Paraguayan embassy in Brussels. One of the aims of the support group from the 'Silvino Talavera' campaign was to hand over a petition to ambassador Raul Vera Bogado about the 'Silvino Talavera' case and ask him about the enormous impact on the environment and human rights had by the industrial agricultural-export model that is gaining more hold in Paraguay.

Raising support for a peasant family in Paraguay

Here you can find a call to support a harassed and threatened family in Paraguay with their fights against big soy farmers and with their more general struggle against the marching on of soyplantations that mainly produce animal feed for Europe.

Dear Friends,

With this letter we are seeking financial support for Petrona Villasboa from Paraguay, and her family, who are currently living in ever worsening circumstances. Like many thousands of other small farmers in her region, Petrona and her family are suffering the direct consequences of the rapid expansion of industrial soy plantations around her small plot of land.

Thesis: ¨The impact of soy expansion: migration and resistance¨
— (in dutch) for download here —

This thesis is about the impacts of soy expansion in Paraguay. More specific it investigates which factors, caused by the expansion of soy monoculture, lead to the migration of Paraguayan campesinos (peasants) from their rural communities. It also investigates which groups are most affected by soy-expansion and how the groups that stay resist the soy expansion. Campesinos find themselves being pushed out by soy expansion, resulting in migration to other rural communities or urban slums. The only organizations that oppose these developments locally and in the countryside are campesino-organizations.

Fax-action to support the victims of attack on Paraguayan community Tekojoja

Dear friends and other concerned people,

We are asking you to send faxes to governmental institutions in Paraguay to support the peasant farming organisations ASAGRAPA (Asociación de Agricultores del Alto Paraná) and MAP (Movimiento Agrario y Popular). Members of the MAP in the community of Tekojoja are trying to defend themselves from agrochemical spraying on neighbouring soy monoculture crops. MAPs leader Antonio Galeano and other members of the two organisations are facing death threats, accusations and violence since the start of the soy cultivation season this year.

Legal victory: Justice for soy victim Silvino!

The soy farmers responsible for the death of Silvino will go to Jail

Asuncion, 29 November 2006 – The Paraguayan Supreme Court has declared the extraordinary cassation request submitted by Lic. Fabio Daniel Baez Acosta, the defence lawyer of Alfredo Lautenschlager and Herman Schlender, as inadmissible. This means they will have to fulfil the sentence that was confirmed by the Appellation Tribunal of Encarnación and go to jail for two years for causing general risks and homicide. The sentence was confirmed without suspension.

Rejection of 3th RoundTable on Responsible Soy

Already over 100 organisations and networks signed the statement!

ImageOn April 23-24 many companies involved in the large scale production and trade of soy will be meeting in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. Peasant movements and social and ecological groups have published a statement to expose that those companies are not the right ones to talk about so called 'responsible soy'. They are the core of the problem and not part of the solution.

Brazilans oppose Bush Lula Ethanol deal

March 21 2007 – During President Bush’s visit to Brazil thousands of poor, rural members of the international Via Campesina social movement and the Brazilian Movement of the Landless Rural Workers (MST) orchestrated massive, non-violent occupations of multinational agribusiness corporations throughout the country. Nine hundred women occupied the Cevasa ethanol distillery in São Paulo.

Round Table on Responsible Soy suffers setbacks

Corporate Europe Observatory, 09 April 2010 – The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), a much criticised initiative for the certification of soy as “responsible”, has stepped up its lobbying to be included under the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive to certify “sustainable agrofuels”. This would give RTRS-approved soy, much of … verder lezen

Demonstration and boat action against the 2nd Soy Round Table in Paraguay

On the 31st of August 2006, early in the morning peasant organisations, women and neighborhood associations, NGOs and many more gathered to protest against the agro export model of monoculture crops promoted by government officials and the main national and multilateral corporations who met in the Yacht and Golf Club in Asunción, Paraguay. (read more about this second, so called, Round Table on Responsible Soy' ). A march, colored by stilt walkers, murga drum players, banners, pictures and the presence of approximately 300 people.
On September 1st they organised a boat action in front of the hotel to again voice their resistance to the model they are proposing, stating that monoculture soy production will also affect river life.

strijdbaar edoch geweldloos
Forest Sausage: A sausage for deforestation!

At Saturday March 25 2006 A SEED, with the help of friends, did an flyer action in the shopping centre Diemensepoort in Diemen. By promoting, in a cynical way, a ‘forest sausage’ in front of a big supermarket we were trying to get attention for the massive deforestation and other problems caused by by the huge consumption of meat in the Netherlands. To feed the animals more and more soy beans are produced on Latin America and shipped to Europe. The rest of the report is only available in Dutch.

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