Brazilans oppose Bush Lula Ethanol deal

March 21 2007 – During President Bush’s visit to Brazil thousands of poor, rural members of the international Via Campesina social movement and the Brazilian Movement of the Landless Rural Workers (MST) orchestrated massive, non-violent occupations of multinational agribusiness corporations throughout the country. Nine hundred women occupied the Cevasa ethanol distillery in São Paulo.
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Round Table on Responsible Soy suffers setbacks

Corporate Europe Observatory, 09 April 2010 – The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), a much criticised initiative for the certification of soy as “responsible”, has stepped up its lobbying to be … verder lezen

Demonstration and boat action against the 2nd Soy Round Table in Paraguay

On the 31st of August 2006, early in the morning peasant organisations, women and neighborhood associations, NGOs and many more gathered to protest against the agro export model of monoculture crops promoted by government officials and the main national and multilateral corporations who met in the Yacht and Golf Club in Asunción, Paraguay. (read more about this second, so called, Round Table on Responsible Soy' ). A march, colored by stilt walkers, murga drum players, banners, pictures and the presence of approximately 300 people.
On September 1st they organised a boat action in front of the hotel to again voice their resistance to the model they are proposing, stating that monoculture soy production will also affect river life.

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Forest Sausage: A sausage for deforestation!

At Saturday March 25 2006 A SEED, with the help of friends, did an flyer action in the shopping centre Diemensepoort in Diemen. By promoting, in a cynical way, a ‘forest sausage’ in front of a big supermarket we were trying to get attention for the massive deforestation and other problems caused by by the huge consumption of meat in the Netherlands. To feed the animals more and more soy beans are produced on Latin America and shipped to Europe. The rest of the report is only available in Dutch.


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Growing Opposition to Round Table on Responsible Soy

ImageHere you find an open letter signed by over 240 organisations. The article is also useful as a summary or update about the problems related to the massive soy production for the European meat industry

June 7 2010 – The undersigned organisations reject the “responsible” label for soy developed by the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS). The attempts by the Round Table on Responsible Soy to greenwash large scale genetically modified (GM) soy production by labelling it as “responsible” will aggravate the problems caused by industrial soy production, instead of providing solutions. [1]verder lezen

Protest in jammed Brussels against Agrofuel corporate proposals

picture from IMC Be January 31 2008, Brussels – Today, campaigners staged an anti-agrofuel protest in front of the Diamant conference centre in Brussels. Here, the 'European Biofuels Technology Platform' (EBFTP) presented their advise for the EU's research budget and policy on agrofuels to 'stakeholders'. The EBFTP absurdly promotes a target of 25% blending of agrofuels for all transport needs by 2030, in a time where the currently proposed 10% is already highly contested. (with online video report)… verder lezen

Eviction and Criminalization Threaten Peasant Organisation MAP

High Alert in Paraguay!

The MAP (Agrarian and Popular Movement), a Paraguayan peasant organization, is in a state of alert and requires international solidarity. A camp of landless youths from Pariri is being threatened with eviction, and there is an attempt to frame and criminalize the organization’s national leader, Jorge Galeano. The situation is a clear example of the corruption and violence that accompanies the Paraguay’s model of soybean production, a model which tends to criminalize social organizations as they defend peasant and indigenous communities.… verder lezen

Blockade at World Biofuels Market in Brussels

ImageIn the morning of March 13 2008 the activist group ‘Agrofools’ blocked the entrance of the World Biofuels Market in Brussels. Visitors to the World Biofuels Market were met by activists, a group of international drummers, banners, and flyers entitled “Agrofuels – No Solution for Oil Addiction”. The human blockade is a protest against the blatant promotion of agrofuels by the World Biofuels Market and the corporations taking part in it. “Massive expansion, reaching into many millions of hectares, of monoculture plantations will cause further damage to biodiversity, human rights and livelihoods”, says activist Remy de Boer. “Agrofuels will exacerbate climate change and will certainly not help to combat it. It is immoral to keep promoting the use of agrofuels like the World Biofuels Market does”, he added.
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Pig 8 Soy

Image “The ugly truth behind the agro-industry, what you eat and what it does to Europe and South America.” During the G8 summit in june 2007 in Germany some actions took place against the meat industry in Mecklenburg, the region where the G8 took place. Here many unscrupulous pigfarmers from the Netherlands, Belgium and North-West Germany profit from the cheap land and weak environmental legislation and build stables for up to 15-thousand pigs. … verder lezen

April 17: Activists block Cargill in Belgium

ImageThursday April 17th, the international day of farmers struggles, the group Agrocrisis blocked a Cargill company firm in the harbour of Ghent, Belgium. Some 30 activists began the action at around 6h30 in the morning and lasted until after 5 p.m. During all that time, not one truck with soy could enter or leave the firm. Some activists had locked themselves with pipes and bicycle chains at the gate, so it was impossible to open the entrance without brute force. The staff of the firm, scared of bad publicity, chose therefore to let the activists occupy the gate and didn't ask the police to intervene.… verder lezen

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