Report workshop on Agriculture and the Crisis

Organised by ASEED during the 2.Dh5 festival

In November 2011 the 7th 2.Dh5 festival took place in Amsterdam.  The theme of this years ‘gathering for activists and world-changers’ was the crashing capitalism. For ASEED it was important to create link between the economical crisis and the problems in agriculture world wide. We did this by oragnising a workshop about this topic.

The report of this workshop is (so far) only available in Dutch.

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Inspection Group reveals Monsanto’s agenda

ImageNovember 2nd 2010, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands – Today around thirty climate conscious citizens paid a visit to the main premises of international agri-chemical giant Monsanto in the Netherlands. The aim was to find clues about the company's hidden agenda. Their suspicions were aroused by the company's new claims to feed and fuel the world, which somehow do not match Monsanto’s current atrocious human rights and environmental record.… verder lezen

On the Streets for Food Sovereignty and against Supermarkets

This article is only available in Dutch. (If you want you can help us translating articles)

De straat op voor voedselsoevereiniteit en tegen supermarkten

Na drie dagen vol met grote en kleinere bijeenkomsten was het in Krems tijd om eens buiten de gebouwen van de conferentie te kijken. In de ochtend waren er diverse excursies. ‘s Middags was het centrum van het oude stadje aan de beurt.

Óp een pleintje in het centrum was een Markt van Ideeën georganiseerd. Vanaf het Forum liep een grote groep onder begeleiding van een sambaband naar toe.
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Successful blockade of Monsanto in The Netherlands

ImageOn May 17 2010 about 40 persons of the action group 'Roundup Monsanto' blocked both gates of the Monsanto seed company in Bergschenhoek (near Rotterdam). 'Roundup Monsanto' wants Monsanto to back out of the seed market, and demand an end to patents on seeds and living organisms. Monsanto and other agro-chemical multinationals are lobbying the Dutch government and the EU for legislative changes that would make it easier for large companies to take control of the seed market and food production.[1] The blockade took place at the former De Ruiter Seeds, acquired by Monsanto in 2008, where research laboratories, offices, greenhouses, and a central storage for seeds and seedlings are to be found.… verder lezen

April 17: Activists block Cargill in Belgium

ImageThursday April 17th, the international day of farmers struggles, the group Agrocrisis blocked a Cargill company firm in the harbour of Ghent, Belgium. Some 30 activists began the action at around 6h30 in the morning and lasted until after 5 p.m. During all that time, not one truck with soy could enter or leave the firm. Some activists had locked themselves with pipes and bicycle chains at the gate, so it was impossible to open the entrance without brute force. The staff of the firm, scared of bad publicity, chose therefore to let the activists occupy the gate and didn't ask the police to intervene.… verder lezen

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