Food Otherwise Network Day (Sat. June 13)

[only available in Dutch so far] Als onderdeel van het Voedsel Anders netwerk is er op zaterdag 13 juni 2015 een netwerkdag. Het doel is mensen, groepen en organisaties met elkaar in … verder lezen

Monday April 13: presentation about the struggle against landgrabbing in Mali

Bakary Mamatou Traoré, a former teacher, a farmer and activist against landgrabbing will come to Amsterdam to explain about the problems and struggle in the agricultural area Office du Niger in Mali. … verder lezen

Declaration of the International forum for Agroecology

From February 24th to February 27th 2015, about 300 delegates from organisations of small-scale food producers and consumers met up in Nyélini in Mali to discuss agroecology as a keystone for food … verder lezen

Report Workshop: Seed freedom and the EU seed law

During the Food Otherwise Conference in Wageningen on February 22 ASEED orgnised a workshop on seed freedom, the concentration on the European seedmarket and the latest developments with the EU Seed Law. … verder lezen

Report Workshop Food Collectives

[An English translation is not available yet] Tijdens de VoedselAnders Conferentie in Wageningen op 22 februari had ASEED meegewerkt aan een workshop over voedselcollectieven. Zo kort mogelijke voedselketens: hoe werkt dat in … verder lezen

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

[This texts is only availably in Dutch] Octrooien op zaden, het opdringen van gentech en het afbreken van de keuze vrijheid van overheden en consumenten. Het staat op het spel bij de … verder lezen

Food Otherwise Conference – February 21 & 22

– Towards fair and sustainable food and agricultural systems – – ASEED will be present with three workshops – Increasing numbers of farmers, consumers, scientists and civil society organizations are working towards … verder lezen

The strategy of the curved cucumbers

A new documentary about a garden coop near Freiburg A movie screening at Vokomokum German language with English subtitles Date: Friday October 25th Start time : 20:00 (length about 1 hour) Address: … verder lezen

Gentech and Seed Industry Buy Food Prize

On 16th October – World Food Day – the Borlaug Foundation awarded the world food prize to top executives of Monsanto and Syngenta. The price is co-financed by the companies themselves and … verder lezen

No more Lampedusas

A statement from the World Rural Forum about the 340 people who died at the coast of Lampedusa while they where trying to enter Europe:[:]

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