Website: Burgerinitiatief Nijmegen Gentechvrij

(this page is only available in Dutch) Iets langer heet deze groep ‘Burgers voor gentechvrij voedsel – Nijmegen’. Doel van dit platform voor kritische consumenten (en bedrijven) is een krachtig geluid naar de Nijmeegse gemeenteraad te laten horen: “Wij willen een gentechvrij Nijmegen!!” Het platform is actief sinds voorjaar 2009. Najaar 2010 wordt het Burgerinitiatief Nijmegen Gentechvrije Gemeente behandeld.
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Docu: Monsanto – patent for a pig

German reportage on the practices of biotech giant Monsanto. Of pigs becoming infertile after eating BT-Corn, farmers confronted with fines because their land was contaminated with patented crops, and of farmers that … verder lezen

Docu: The Future of Food

(USA, 2004, Deborah Koons Garcia) What is more intimate, more universal than food? Are we still deciding ourselves what we eat when we buy products from the supermarket? There is a revolution … verder lezen

Brochure: You Reap what You Sow

Monopolisation of seeds – This brochure takes a look at the current state of affairs regarding monopolisation in the seed market of Europe and the Netherlands, and examines the implications for the future of food and farming as we know it.
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Docu: The world according to Monsanto

[Sorry, this article only exists in Dutch] ‘GMO / OGM’: de onzichtbare bedreiging ARTE: 3 jaar onderzoek naar de grootste zaadhandel van de planeet (2008) Een magistrale en alarmerende reportage over de … verder lezen

Manual: GMO-free regions

(only available in Dutch) Hier vind je een handleiding om zelf aan de slag te gaan met een gentechvrije zone. Dat kan op verschillende schalen. Van klein (een kantine of school) tot groot (een hele stad of regio.
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Reader: Gen Zoekt Boer

With the ASEED film Farmer and the Gene, comes a reader with extensive background information. It is available in Dutch only. Download it here or contact us to get a copy.  

Reader: STOP GE Trees Action Tool Kit

The tool kit of Global Justice Ecology Project to campaign against GE Trees is ready and available! Download it here and learn more about the No GE trees campaign here.

Film: “Roundup Ready Nation”

Dying for profits
Roundup Ready Nation was inspired by the epidemic of illness and the culture of America that centers around doctors and medicines to treat but failed to inform doctors what Americans are eating. The film looks at the legislation, politics, science and spin, surrounding genetically engineered food.

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Video letters about soy struggles in Paraguay

In Paraguay, the Netherlands and Germany A SEED Europe is recording and showing video letters. In South America it is about the resistance against the production of soy and in the Europe the issue are the problems with the new mega pig-stables where the soy is used as feed. With project we want to exchange the experiences and ideas for alternatives between the many local citizen groups. (The rest of the text only exists in Dutch, but you can watch them here.)
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