info night about GMO resistance

Potato revolt in the 21st century: support the GMO resistance!

Sunday April 22 2012 – Plantage Doklaan 8, Amsterdam

Information evening with videos on the Big Potato Swap action in Wetteren (Belgium) last year, the upcoming trial of 11 participants and upcoming new actions. Defendants will tell you about the action Wetteren, their trial strategy. ASEED will give a brief overview of the situation on Genetic Manipulation in Flanders and the Netherlands, as well as explain a citizen inspection of Biotech Valley in Ghent on May 9.

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Screening of ´Bitter Seeds’

Screening ‘Bitter Seeds’ on Friday February 1, 8pm (doors open at 7.30pm) @ D4net/Voedlink Bilderdijkstraat 165F, Amsterdam The documentary Bitter Seeds shows the disastrous consequences Monsanto’s products and dealings have for Indian … verder lezen

[Belgium] Judges deny anti-GMO activists a fair trial

wetterenproces2Debate on GMOs refused by court

Dendermonde/Brussels, 15/01/2013 – In the presence of a huge crowd of supporters from a range of organisations, the court of Dendermonde (Belgium) has denied 11 anti-GMO activists the legal right to a defence in court. The court refused to allow defence witnesses to give their statements, and also refused to allow video footage to be shown. This is in violation of article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees defendants the right to a fair trial. In response, the 11 field liberators and their lawyers decided unanimously to leave the court room.

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Pamphlet protest action “GM Soy issues sidetracked”

(Handed out at GMO Conference 2009)

Dutch debate on socio-economic impacts GMO’s:
Sidetracking the real issues?

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture today organises a conference about a very important topic: the socio-economic impacts of GMO’s. End of last year, the EU Environment Ministers decided that socio-economic criteria should be developed for GMO’s. But at this conference, the real issues seem to get sidetracked.

The Dutch Agriculture Ministry and the conference organisers are using this debate for another aim: to set the ground for a ‘review’ of the EU GMO policy. They claim, along with the biotech and animal feed industry, that the EU admission procedure for new GMO’s is too slow. In particular, they want to see the EU zero-tolerance policy regarding non-authorised GMO’s to be abolished. The argument for this is that this policy causes economic damages for Europe’s factory farms. The focus therefore is not on the real socio-economic impacts that soy production and factory farms cause around the world.
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Reader&Report: Studiedag Gentechvrije Zones

In 2009 ASEED organised a conference on GMO free zones in the Netherlands together with Greenpeace and organic chain organisation Bionext (then still called Biologica). A reader with backgrounds and a report … verder lezen

GM crops created superweed, say scientists

Modified genes from crops in a GM crop trial have transferred into local wild plants, creating a form of herbicide-resistant “superweed”.
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Dutch people at Belgian court for gm-potato process

[this press release only exists in Dutch]


PERSBERICHT 14 januari 2013


Nederlanders voor Belgische rechtbank bij gentech-aardappel-proces


Dinsdag 15 januari start in het Vlaamse Dendermonde het grote gentech-aardappel-proces. Twee Nederlanders, acht Belgen en een Fransman staan terecht voor het rooien van een veldje gentech aardappelen in het Vlaamse Wetteren op 29 mei 2011. De meest vergaande aanklacht tegen de 11 luidt bendevorming, het vormen van een criminele organisatie.

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Activists inspect GM maize in Blitterswijck

Last saturday 22nd of July, 15 activists of XminY and Aseed held a public action at the field with genetically modified maize in Blitterswijck in the south of The Netherlands. The purpose of the inspection was to investigate the correctness of the information regarding the field trial given by the authorities and the research institute. The civil inspectors also took soil samples and provided information to the local villagers.

measuring the distance between gm- and receptor field

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What’s wrong with GMOs

A list of sometimes scary facts that show that genetic engineering isn’t as harmless as the industry would like you to think.

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Legally binding GM-free? Yes we can

Nijmegen first Dutch municipality with officiel GM-free zone

by Diederick Sprangers, Genethics Foundation – After declaring itself GM-free in 2011, the Dutch city of Nijmegen has moved on and incorporated the GM-free status in the zoning plan of one of its quarters with farmland. This means that GM crops are now legally forbidden in the quarter Ooyse Schependom of the city. Other Dutch cities and provinces are getting interested: local and regional politicians are considering taking the same steps as Nijmegen.

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