Docu: Farmer and the Gene

(Nederland, 2008, Dumitriu/Verbeek) ASEED’s documentary on genetic engineering in Dutch agricluture “Farmer and the Gene” is now available on dvd, waiting to be sold! To order contact or call our office  … verder lezen

Gentech overboord! – alle verslagen van de actiezeiltocht over de Waddenzee

Van 3 t/m 15 augustus 2005 heeft een groep activisten een tocht gemaakt langs de noordelijke provincies om gemeenten en boeren op te roepen hun regio gentechvrij te verklaren. De tocht bracht … verder lezen

ASEEDs position on GMOs

ASEED rejects the genetic modification of our food in any way whatsoever. For several years now, we have been concerned about developments in this field, for a variety of reasons: economic consequences for farmers, corporate influence, damage to biodiversity and ‘the unknown dangers’.
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Workshop at 2.Dh5 on GMO resistance in the Netherlands

2dh5-2012During the political festival 2.Dh5 ASEED will give a short update on the cultivation of GM crops in The Netherlands, with a specific focus on potatoes, the universities and chemical companies with their GM potato field trials, aaaaand the resistance side of the story,… the history still to be written..!
We would like to get feedback about our concrete action plans, and on building up a GMO resistance movement in the Netherlands.
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GM maize linked to tumours

Genetically-modified RoundupReady maize has been linked to tumours in rats. A team of French researchers found that rats fed for a year on the GMO maize NK 603 (of which Monsanto owns the patent) were two or three times more likely to develop tumours than ones fed ordinary maize. This is the first time such shocking and hard scientific proof is available of the health threat related to the consumption of a GMO fed to animals on a massive scale.

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Inspection Group reveals Monsanto’s agenda

ImageNovember 2nd 2010, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands – Today around thirty climate conscious citizens paid a visit to the main premises of international agri-chemical giant Monsanto in the Netherlands. The aim was to find clues about the company's hidden agenda. Their suspicions were aroused by the company's new claims to feed and fuel the world, which somehow do not match Monsanto’s current atrocious human rights and environmental record.… verder lezen

Website: Burgerinitiatief Nijmegen Gentechvrij

(this page is only available in Dutch) Iets langer heet deze groep ‘Burgers voor gentechvrij voedsel – Nijmegen’. Doel van dit platform voor kritische consumenten (en bedrijven) is een krachtig geluid naar de Nijmeegse gemeenteraad te laten horen: “Wij willen een gentechvrij Nijmegen!!” Het platform is actief sinds voorjaar 2009. Najaar 2010 wordt het Burgerinitiatief Nijmegen Gentechvrije Gemeente behandeld.
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Picture report action “GMOs off the field!”

In addition to the report you can find here more pictures of the action 'GMOs off the field!' at the field with GM-mais near Drimmelen and Hooge Zwaluwe in the western part of the Dutch province Noord Brabant.
The caption with the pictures is in Dutch.… verder lezen

GM foods: the need for tightening the EU rules

By Geert Ritsema, GMO campaigner Greenpeace International

Over the last decade European consumers and their organizations have successfully influenced EU policy on genetically modified (GM) foods. Milestones such as a mandatory labelling and traceability system for GM ingredients have been achieved. But, according to Geert Ritsema of  Greenpeace International,  it would be a mistake to assume that the battle over GM foods has been won and that consumer’s interests have been secured.


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Succesfull sticker action ‘GM chips won’t touch my lips’ continues

Hundreds of stickers with the message “I don’t eat GM chips” have been spread throughout The Netherlands between September 29 and October 7. The sticker action week against GM potatoes took place parallel to the annual Week of Taste, which’ central theme this year was the potato. Concerned citizens and activists put the protest stickers on landposts and such in the vicinities of snackbars, supermarkets, trial fields with genetically modified potatoes. Even the WUR agriculture university in Wageningen was not spared. Apparently the GE projects of BASF and WUR leave not only us with sour taste and many do not hide their resentment. But unfortunately the message has not came across well yet, as the most recent permit for even more BASF field trials for 2013 illustrate. So GM protests go on and we call everybody to join our sticker and protest card action “GM chips won’t touch my lips”. Continue reading to find out how, and where.
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