Peasant family in Paraguay condemned by agrotoxins
Family Petrona Villasboa

The tragedy faced by Petrona Villasboa’s peasant family doesn’t seem to come to an end. The family has been affected by agrotoxic contamination for more than 3 years. This time Petrona’s 3 month-old grandchild i

s suffering from hidrocefalia. Even after 3 years of judicial battle the family is still waiting for the conviction of those responsible f or the poisoning of Petrona´s son.

Raising support for a peasant family in Paraguay

Here you can find a call to support a harassed and threatened family in Paraguay with their fights against big soy farmers and with their more general struggle against the marching on of soyplantations that mainly produce animal feed for Europe.

Dear Friends,

With this letter we are seeking financial support for Petrona Villasboa from Paraguay, and her family, who are currently living in ever worsening circumstances. Like many thousands of other small farmers in her region, Petrona and her family are suffering the direct consequences of the rapid expansion of industrial soy plantations around her small plot of land.

Legal victory: Justice for soy victim Silvino!

The soy farmers responsible for the death of Silvino will go to Jail

Asuncion, 29 November 2006 – The Paraguayan Supreme Court has declared the extraordinary cassation request submitted by Lic. Fabio Daniel Baez Acosta, the defence lawyer of Alfredo Lautenschlager and Herman Schlender, as inadmissible. This means they will have to fulfil the sentence that was confirmed by the Appellation Tribunal of Encarnación and go to jail for two years for causing general risks and homicide. The sentence was confirmed without suspension.

Brazilans oppose Bush Lula Ethanol deal

March 21 2007 – During President Bush’s visit to Brazil thousands of poor, rural members of the international Via Campesina social movement and the Brazilian Movement of the Landless Rural Workers (MST) orchestrated massive, non-violent occupations of multinational agribusiness corporations throughout the country. Nine hundred women occupied the Cevasa ethanol distillery in São Paulo.

Demonstration and boat action against the 2nd Soy Round Table in Paraguay

On the 31st of August 2006, early in the morning peasant organisations, women and neighborhood associations, NGOs and many more gathered to protest against the agro export model of monoculture crops promoted by government officials and the main national and multilateral corporations who met in the Yacht and Golf Club in Asunción, Paraguay. (read more about this second, so called, Round Table on Responsible Soy' ). A march, colored by stilt walkers, murga drum players, banners, pictures and the presence of approximately 300 people.
On September 1st they organised a boat action in front of the hotel to again voice their resistance to the model they are proposing, stating that monoculture soy production will also affect river life.

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Eviction and Criminalization Threaten Peasant Organisation MAP

High Alert in Paraguay!

The MAP (Agrarian and Popular Movement), a Paraguayan peasant organization, is in a state of alert and requires international solidarity. A camp of landless youths from Pariri is being threatened with eviction, and there is an attempt to frame and criminalize the organization’s national leader, Jorge Galeano. The situation is a clear example of the corruption and violence that accompanies the Paraguay’s model of soybean production, a model which tends to criminalize social organizations as they defend peasant and indigenous communities.

Massacre in the department of Caaguazu – Paraguay

June 26 2005, Brazilian growers of genetically modified soy, protected
by the police and military, attacked 
Tekojoja peasant community in Caaguazu, Paraguay. They evicted 270 people and burnt down
the crops and all 54 houses. 2 men, Ángel Cristaldo and
Luis Torres were killed, many were injured and 130 people, many
of them women and children, were arrested.

Campesino Families Block Fumigation of Soy Fields in Paraguay

ImageThursday, 10 January 2008 – One hundred campesino residents were able to block the agrotoxic fumigation of a new soy field in the 4th line of the Ybypé community in the Lima district of the department of San Pedro.

In this “line” [section] of the town, parcels of campesino land were sold to Brazilian soy growers, who dismantled the parcels entirely with tractors and planted soy. The residents, aware of the dangers represented by the pesticides used to fumigate the soy fields, have successfully resisted every intent to fumigate these parcels.

“Round Table set to certify damaging soy”

New report published by groups from Europe, the US and South America

The Round Table on Responsible Soy is seeking to legitimise irresponsible, socially and environmentally damaging soy production, according to a new report published on Tuesday 22 April, ahead of the Round Table on Responsible Soy’s third conference in Buenos Aires.

Still protest needed against agrofuel targets European Commission

After a lot of criticism from a broad range of civil society groups the European Commission decided in september 2008 to add a review of the 2020 agrofuel targets in 2014. But the 5% target for 2015 is there and it didn't slow down the current growth of the use and productions of agrofuels. Also the surface of monoculture field planted with energy crops, like soy, oil palms and sugar cane, is still expanding rapidly. The letter to the European Commission below is giving a good update of the agrofuel developments at the EU level.

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