Reclaim the Seeds 2019 – intimate, grand and biodivers seedfairs

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ASEED at Reclaims the Seeds Amsterdam

Come and join us for a weekend full of seed exchanges, political discussions, gardening workshops and farm tours at the Reclaim the Seeds event on the 23rd and 24th March at the Fruittuin van West in Amsterdam! But there are more Reclaim the Seeds events in the Netherlands in 2019! … verder lezen

Reclaim the Seeds Internationally

Reclaim the Seeds Internationally Reclaim the Seeds was started in 2012 in Amsterdam as a seed fair with stalls from all over the Netherlands. At the fair, seeds can be swapped, bought and given away, and you can also find books and zines relating to critical topics surrounding agriculture. Each … verder lezen

Solidariteitsacties rond 17 april, de internationale dag voor boerenstrijd

– meer geld voor tomatenplukkers van Ahold en – aandacht voor de negatieve gevolgen van gentech in de landbouw. 17 april is de dag die door La Vía Campesina, de internationale organisatie van kleine boeren en landarbeiders, is uitgeroepen als actiedag voor de boerenstrijd. Hiermee wordt herdacht dat op 17 … verder lezen

Protest against patents on life and biopiracy

On Tuesday November 23, 2010, the conference 'Biodiversity: Opportinuties for a new economy' took place at Artis in Amsterdam. ASEED Europe made a picketline to protest biopiracy and patenting parts of nature. "Big multinationals that make business with biodiversity, that always boils down to privatising parts of it, for profit," says Linda Coenen of ASEED. "But the conference does not quiestion the idea of reducing nature to a commodity and the societal consequences that has." ASEED handed out a pamphlet with this message to the 100 conference participants. Many expressed understanding for the criticism and shared our concerns.

Platform Andere Landbouw 2013

(text so far only available in Dutch) Op 8 oktober 2010 zijn 41 mensen (van 25 organisaties) tot een aantal conclusies gekomen over voedsel en landbouw die ze samen handen en voeten willen geven. Dit heeft geleid tot de 'Verklaring van Utrecht; landbouw 2013'.

ASEED is also involved in a European wide discussion about the future of the agriculture and the Common Agriculture Policy of the European Union. Here ASEED is mainly pushing for local alternatives that farmers and consumers take on theiselves, but the coalition is much broader. On November 29 a joined press release has been sent out to comment on a proposal from the Euopean Commission.
Who is deciding about our food?

A film and discussion night about agriculture, food and the role of multinational corporations Monday November 1 at 19:30 (door opens at 19:00) De Nieuwe Doelen, Spoorstraat 2, Enkhuizen, NL Free entrance Using fragments of documentaries about the recent developments in agriculture and the food industry, there will be a … verder lezen

Ahold is squeezing tomatoe pickers

ImageReverend Billy preaches against Ahold

Amsterdam / Quincy Massachussets, August 6 2010 – The internationally famous Church of Stop Shopping held a service  in the centre of Amsterdam. From the steps in front of the Albert Heijn supermarket Reverend Billy's words thundered with hope and inspiration, as he spoke of salvation from Albert Heijn's greed and exploitation. Stop Shopping, his eternal message resounded, Stop buying the fruit of slavery. Amen. Shoppers and tourists reacted with disbelief to the spiritual enlightenment on offer during the Friday afternoon rush hour.

European Food Declaration launched

 – Call for a healthy, sustainable, fair and mutually supportive Common Agriculture and Food policy –

Brussels, March 16 – On the eve of a European Parliament hearing which will debate the future of Europe’s agriculture policy a broad alliance of European, national and local civil society organisations concerned with the future of food and agriculture in Europe, are today launching a ‘European food declaration’ to mobilise European citizens and authorities to reshape the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). See for the full declaration and the list of 187 initial signatories from European countries, including A SEED Europe.

Copenhagen – Latest Climate Action News

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