Women growing seeds for companies in India discriminated and underpaid

2012-wagesofinequalityNew report India Committee of the Netherlands: “Wages of Inequality”

On December 12 2012 the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) are publishing the report “Wages of Inequality – Wage Discrimination and Underpayment in Hybrid Seed Production in India”.

Other key messages of the new report:

  • Agricultural wages have increased but they are still below minimum wages
  • Multinationals not better than Indian companies regarding wages
  • Dalits often make longer working days
  • Child labour depresses the wages
March 2-3 2013, Den Bosch (NL): Reclaim the Seeds weekend

Another Reclaim the Seeds weekend is coming up in the Netherlands! The seed exchange will take place on Saturday March 2nd on the Reparatiestraat in Den Bosch. Everyone is invited to swap, give away or even sell (at a low price) seeds, tubers and cuttings. We also expect a number … verder lezen

“Resilient Seed” booklet available in English

The European Campaign for Seed Sovereignty has recently published the “Resilient Seed” booklet in English language. The booklet examines the monopolisation of seeds by agrochemical firms and EU regulation on seeds, and urges people to take action on the issue.

Take action in the legislative process of EU-Seed regulation!

There is urgent action needed to avoid damage by the upcoming new EU regulation of seed marketing. The new regulation will de facto ban old and rare varieties and farmers varieties and threaten the exchange and selling of seeds of diversity.

‘Sowing the future’ for a GMO free agriculture

In 2006 the Swiss BD-farmers Ueli Hurter and Peter Kunz launched the project to actively involve people in the source of our food: seeds. Another objective is to raise awareness about the threat of the loss of agro-biodiversity as a result of the industrialisation and concentration in the seed market.

19 July 2010: No Patents on Seeds Conference

On Monday July 19th the international Conference  “Patents on Seeds – The Turning Point” will take place in Munich, Germany [1]. Researchers and representatives from farmers and civil organisations  will discuss current trends regarding patents on seeds and animals, highlighting the negative impacts of the current system, the changes that would be needed and possibilities for effecting those changes. The conference is initiated by the European coalition No Patents on Seeds, which consists of NGO’s that have united to call a halt to the ever expanding privatisation of life. On Tuesday July 20th No Patents on Seeds ha organised a large manifestation at the European Patent Office.

EC about to hand over power over seeds to seed giants


Amsterdam/Nijmegen – On Monday 6 May, the European Commission will vote on a proposal by the Directorate General for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO) for new seed regulations. Large seed companies have long pushed for these regulations in order to further strengthen their market positions. The new rules will mean that farmers and independent breeders will be forbidden to use old and rare seeds if they are not on the European varieties list. This threatens the exchange and sale of many currently available varieties, and thus also the cultivation of these crops. The regulations will cause a serious decline in agrobiodiversity. ASEED Europe, Platform Aarde Boer Consument, Stichting Zaadgoed and Cityplot, together with many other civil society organizations in Europe, are calling upon European Commissioner Neelie Kroes and all other commissioners with an international petition (1) to vote against the proposal.

Docu: Mother Earth – a new future for small farmers

Mother Earth is a very inspiring documentary by the Dutch filmmakers Paul Enkelaar and Jan Paul Smit. Central theme of this documentary is the development of small-scale organic agriculture in Andhra Pradesh, one of the poorest regions in the south of India. It is a film about empowerment, self-confidence and … verder lezen

Stop the EU Unitary Patent on Seeds!

ASEED is against patents on seeds and for the accessibility of seeds for farmers and gardeners. As part of our campaign work we promote alternative networks that save and exchange the seeds and protect and maintain the agricultural diversity. But we really appreciate it that other organisations are following the developments with the European legislation in detail. Below you can read a press release from ‘No Patents on Seeds’ about the way the role of the European Court of Justice in patent cases is decimated and about the weakening of the breeders rights. Another alarming developments is that the procedures become so expensive that only corporations will be able to interfere in the process. For civil society organisations and farmers it will become almost impossible to react on proposed legislation in an official way.

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