Stop the European patent on pepper

[this article exists only in Dutch so far] Op 3 februari heeft Bionext samen met LTO en 32 andere organisaties uit 27 Europese landen bezwaar ingediend bij het Europees Octrooi Bureau (EOB) … verder lezen

European Patent for Monsanto’s non-gm soy beans

Monsanto gets European patent on screening biodiversity in soybean plants for climate adaption. European Patent Office support Monsanto again with a bio-piracy patent on a non-gm crop. On February 26 2014 the … verder lezen

Ook Milieucommissie EU geeft negatief advies over voorgestelde zadenwet. Nu het Europees Parlement nog.

[Sorry, this article is available in Dutch] Afgelopen dinsdag heeft DG ENVI (milieucommissie) in Brussel met 37 tegen 2 tegen voorstel voor de nieuwe zadenwetgeving gestemd. Preciezer gezegd betekent dit dat deze … verder lezen

Food Otherwise Conference – February 21 & 22

– Towards fair and sustainable food and agricultural systems – – ASEED will be present with three workshops – Increasing numbers of farmers, consumers, scientists and civil society organizations are working towards … verder lezen

Mobilisation to defend farmers’ rights

[call for action from Via Campesina] For the rights of farmers to use and freely exchange their seeds and breeding animals, and to have unrestricted access to all available crop diversity Against … verder lezen

Declaration of Vienna on Seed Sovereingty

On November 24, 2013, a meeting of representatives of farmers‘ organisations, gardeners, smallholders, plant conservation, plant breeders and members of the European civil society agreed on the Declaration of Vienna. You can … verder lezen

30 Oct 2013: March Against MonsantoS

For an agriculture without Monsanto, Bayer and other poisoners Woensdag 30 oktober 2013 demonstreerden 200 mensen bij de RAI in Amsterdam tegen de chemische industrie die daar op dat moment bijeen was … verder lezen

Programme March Against MonsantoS – Oct 30 2013

The protest starts at 14.00 in front of the main entrance of the RAI at the Europaplein in Amsterdam. People from ASEED, Gifsoja en Platform Aarde Boer Consument will give some short … verder lezen

[:nl]Persbericht: Protest bij RAI tegen Monsanto en chemische industrie

[Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch] 24 oktober 2013 – Woensdag 30 oktober om 14.00 start voor de RAI in Amsterdam een protest tegen de chemische industrie. Daar vindt op … verder lezen

GMO patents held by Bayer and BASF

Not only Monsanto (Article taken from the German Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren – October 2013) The discussion on genetically modified seeds is dominated by the criticism directed against Monsanto. In the wake of … verder lezen

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