The Profession Of Greenwashing by Monsanto

How companies use the language of food security to legetimize making profit When thinking about food security and climate change, we have to realise that the impacts caused by our food con­ … verder lezen

15 June: Strengthening Farmer-led Seed Systems

Farmers, especially women, have been the custodians of the world’s biodiversity through saving, using, exchanging and selling seed and propagating material. The rights of farmers to do this are a core component … verder lezen

Wageningen is in favour of everything, as long as it isn’t too critical

[this text only exists in Dutch] Op 12 en 13 februari vonden Reclaim the Seeds en Voedsel Anders plaats in het Forum- en Orion gebouw van de Universiteit van Wageningen (ook wel … verder lezen

IFOAM EU: classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs

IFOAM EU urges the European Commission to classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs IFOAM EU, a European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming, has published a position paper on new … verder lezen

New movie: From Seed to Seed

From Seed to Seed is a pedagogical film intended for all those who wish to learn how to produce their own vegetable seeds. With the help of magnificent images and short animated … verder lezen

New publications on seed laws that criminalise farmers: resistance and fightback

Booklet, poster and map Peasant seeds – the pillar of food production – are under attack everywhere. Under corporate pressure, laws in many countries increasingly limit what farmers can do with their … verder lezen

Trade deals criminalise farmers’ seeds

[GRAIN, November 18, 2014] What could be more routine than saving seeds from one season to the next? After all, that is how we grow crops on our farms and in our … verder lezen

Dutch candidates EU elections about seed law and TTIP

[Sorry, this article only exists in Dutch] ASEED heeft vrijwel alle kandidaten voor de EU verkiezingen op 22 mei een vragenlijst gestuurd over de EU-zadenwet, octrooien en het TTIP. We hebben een … verder lezen

Movie: Struggle for seeds in Colombia and the Netherlands

[this article and movie don’t exist in English] Noticias interviewde de Colombiaanse activisten Cynthia Osario Torres, Alba Marleny Portillo Calvache en Albeiro Antonio Alvarado Catuche. In 2010 ondertekende Colombia namelijk een vrijhandelsverdrag … verder lezen

Report Workshop: Seed freedom and the EU seed law

During the Food Otherwise Conference in Wageningen on February 22 ASEED orgnised a workshop on seed freedom, the concentration on the European seedmarket and the latest developments with the EU Seed Law. … verder lezen

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