‘Lobby Planet’ – new brochure made by CEO

Corporate Europe Observatory, an organisation which keeps an eye on the corporate lobby in Brussels, published a new brochure: ‘Lobby Planet’. It features: 135 big business lobby actors representing different industry interests; … verder lezen

How the TTIP Could Increase the Carbon Footprint of Food

Beginning of July 2016 a series of actions were carried out by TTIP Game Over campaigners in Brussels. ‘TTIP Game Over’ posters were put up all over the city, meetings were disrupted and … verder lezen

Stop TTIP and start doing something useful

On Saturday the 10th of October 10th, various actions took place against TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) in many European cities. In Amsterdam about 7000 people joined a demonstration true the … verder lezen

Raise Alarm against TTIP!

Demonstration: October 10th at 13 hours in Amsterdam, Jonas Daniël Meijerplein The joined call for action of the Dutch Stop TTIP Coalition is only available in Dutch: TTIP plaatst grote bedrijven boven … verder lezen

Many Marches Against Monsanto in the Netherlands

On Saturday May 23 there will be world wide protest against Monsanto, a large company monopolising agriculture with its pesticides, seeds, patents and lobby activities. In the Netherlands there will be Marches … verder lezen

Brochure: TTIP, een onverteerbaar monsterverdrag

[So far this text is only available in Dutch.] De brochure ‘TTIP, een onverteerbaar monsterverdrag‘ gaat in op de impact die het Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) zal hebben op het … verder lezen

European Citizen’s Initiative on TTIP and CETA

Please sign the European Citizen’s Initiative on TTIP and CETA, free trade agreements with respectively the US and Canada. ASEED, together with a broad movement of organisations and individuals, wants to prevent … verder lezen

Blockupy March 18: solidarity with Greece and against TTIP

March 18 is rapidly approaching. On that day the European Central Bank will inaugurate its’ new, 1,3 billion costing skyscraper. The activists united in *Blockupy* will seize that moment to clarify there … verder lezen

A paper about TTIP

A newspaper about the Free Trade Agreement between the EU en the US has been produced in Dutch. The paper version is distributed widely in the Netherlands, but you can also have  … verder lezen


We have a bunch of different TTIP stickers at the ASEED office for people to start spreading. You can come by and pick them up at the office (Plantage Doklaan 12a in … verder lezen

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