Brochure: TTIP, een onverteerbaar monsterverdrag

[So far this text is only available in Dutch.] De brochure ‘TTIP, een onverteerbaar monsterverdrag‘ gaat in op de impact die het Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) zal hebben op het … verder lezen

A paper about TTIP

A newspaper about the Free Trade Agreement between the EU en the US has been produced in Dutch. The paper version is distributed widely in the Netherlands, but you can also have  … verder lezen


We have a bunch of different TTIP stickers at the ASEED office for people to start spreading. You can come by and pick them up at the office (Plantage Doklaan 12a in … verder lezen

TTIP infographic

Info-graphics are hot. You can’t have a campaign without one. all issues are explained with an informative picture. So we decided to join. Our website you can find a graphic about TTIP … verder lezen