Reading Group Report #9-Who owns the land? Land Struggles and Land Grabbing

On Wednesday the 25th of November we had another online reading group on the highly complex topic of “Who controls the land?”. There were many interesting readings, but we chose to focus … verder lezen

ASEED analysis of the CAP 2020 proposed reforms

After a long week of dramatic negotiations, the MEP’s voted on the CAP reform proposal on the 21st of October. As expected, business as usual for the agro-food industry was proposed. The … verder lezen

ASEED Podcast 4.0: CAP with Verena & Stanka from Good Food Good Farming and Friends of the Earth Europe

ASEED Podcast 4.0 The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with Verena (Good Food Good Farming) & Stanka (Friends of the Earth Europe) Do you want to learn why it is essential to change … verder lezen

Reflections on action in the Lutkemeerpolder

Mowing grass and arresting activists     The struggle to keep the Lutkemeerpolder in its current state – as a fertile ground for agriculture and community– has been going on for many … verder lezen

The Common Agriculture Policy – and where grassroots organisations all around see potential for change!

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the oldest EU’s policies. After more than a decade of post-World War II food shortages and hunger, it was introduced in 1962 to increase … verder lezen

Farmer Portrait #3: Dirk Borgman from the Netherlands

Interview conducted by Robbie Dubbelman For this Farmer Portrait we will be going somwhere a bit closer to where the ASEED Office is located: The Netherlands. The farmer I interviewed is Dirk … verder lezen

New bi-monthly theme

The Common Agricultural Policy – A problem with potential for progress Yet again we are closing a chapter of the ASEED bi-monthly themes and we are moving on from degrowth which has … verder lezen

ASEED Podcast 3.0: Degrowth with Giuseppe Feola

“When the ordinary language in use is inadequate to articulate what begs to be articulated, then it is time for a new vocabulary.” The ASEED podcast is back!!! With a third episode, this time related … verder lezen

Reading Group report #6 – Degrowth

Reading Group Article // Degrowth // 29.04.2020 Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era Imaginaries of Hope: The Utopianism of Degrowth  In this reading group we were talking about the revolutionary topic: … verder lezen

[:nl]Solidariteit met Palestina

On Wednesday May 16th, we took this picture in front of the Vrankrijk, to give expression to our sadness and anger in the face of the continued violent oppression of the Palestinian … verder lezen

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