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Screening The World According to Monsanto

Sunday 12 December 2010 – in Appelscha, The Netherlands

Screening of this famous 2009 documentary of the infamous practices of chemical and GM seed multinational Monsanto. … verder lezen

A SEED report – World Bank & Conditionalities

The latest publication from A SEED is just out. "World Bank & Conditionalities – Poor Deal for Poor Countries" explains the full story of economic conditionalities imposed on poor countries by the … verder lezen

Inspection Group reveals agenda Monsanto

ImageNovember 2nd 2010, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands – Today around thirty climate conscious citizens paid a visit to the main premises of international agri-chemical giant Monsanto in the Netherlands. The aim was to find clues about the company's hidden agenda. Their suspicions were aroused by the company's new claims to feed and fuel the world, which somehow do not match Monsanto’s current atrocious human rights and environmental record.… verder lezen

Reports on conditionalities

Here is a collection of recent reports on the World Bank's conditionalities. World Bank & Conditionalities – Poor Deal for Poor Countries. This A SEED publication explains the full story of economic … verder lezen

Succesful Brussels workshop GMO Field Liberators

On September 16, 2010, coinciding with the conference on European GMO free regions at the EU parliament, a workshop by the Faucheurs Volontairs (Voluntary Field Liberators) took place outside, on the Place du Luxembourg, under the watchful eye of the police.… verder lezen

Burning patent issues – protest at the European Patent Office in München

ImageOn Tuesday the 20th of July patents and patent applications on sunflowers, melons, broccoli, cows and pigs went up in smoke as demonstrators outside the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich used their truly innovative Patent Burner. Several hundred individuals and representatives of farmers organisations and NGO's from around the world gathered to protest against the EPO and against the patents the EPO are issuing on plants and animals. That day was the start of the hearing by the highest EPO Board of Appeal. Subject of the hearing are controversial patents on conventionally bred broccoli and wrinkled tomatoes.… verder lezen

Docu: De wereld volgens Monsanto

'GMO / OGM': de onzichtbare bedreiging ARTE: 3 jaar onderzoek naar de grootste zaadhandel van de planeet (2008) Een magistrale en alarmerende reportage over de multinational Monsanto die 90% van de OGM … verder lezen

19 July 2010: No Patents on Seeds Conference

On Monday July 19th the international Conference Image "Patents on Seeds – The Turning Point" will take place in Munich, Germany [1]. Researchers and representatives from farmers and civil organisations  will discuss current trends regarding patents on seeds and animals, highlighting the negative impacts of the current system, the changes that would be needed and possibilities for effecting those changes. The conference is initiated by the European coalition No Patents on Seeds, which consists of NGO's that have united to call a halt to the ever expanding privatisation of life. On Tuesday July 20th No Patents on Seeds ha organised a large manifestation at the European Patent Office.… verder lezen

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