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TTIP DIY action evening in the Vrankrijk

stop-ttip-handThursday July 31st – Amsterdam

With a presentation, discussion, action brainstorm and materials making.

[:]The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade agreement between the EU and the USA. Hiding behind widely contested arguments about boosting employment, TTIP would in fact favour corporate interests, weaken the rights of consumers and workers and break down environmental protection. We don’t need transnational corporations and their economic growth. TTIP is blocking the right for self-determination and the possibilities to build a corporaterights-giersustainable society based on solidarity.

In the past the MAI treaty (foreign investments) and ACTA (copy rights and data-protection) got stopped. The World Trade Organisation got stuck in the mud because of a broad and worldwide resistance. Now we have to stop TTIP!

ASEED is mainly focussing on food and agriculture. But during this evening also other issues will get attention and our goal is to stimulate a broad action campaign against this free trade agreement.

Programme of the evening

19:00: a simple, although tasty, meal (with some short videos)

19:30: presentation about TTIP

20:00: discussion and brainstorm about a good campaign and possible action

21:00 start working groups. What we do depends on the interest of the participants. For example:

– planning a small action;

– painting a banner;

– making buttons;

– make stencils for spray painting;

– designing stickers.

If you have paint, materials for stencils, a laptop for digital design or ideas, please bring them.

During the night there will be people available to answer questions about TTIP and the campaigns and actions planned so far.

Free entrance. Donations for food and campaign costs welcome!

Address: Vrankrijk, Spuistraat 216, Amsterdam