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Upcoming bi-monthly themes 2019/2020

The Fossil Free Agricultural (FFA) campaign has been developed by ASEED in collaboration with other collectives since the beginning of 2018. In the first year we chose three large local and international projects: The Food Autonomy Festival, collaboration with Behoud Lutkemeer to help in the struggle to protect the Lutkemeer polder in Amsterdam and the Free the Soil action camp

As the FFA campaign grows and new people become involved we decided as a collective to add a new element to the campaign; the bi-monthly themes. This will allow for the events and actions to help us dive deeper into specific topics which we feel are associated the broader scope of the FFA campaign. 

The suggestions for the first few themes were decided collectively at  the Open Campaign Meeting in October 2019, and we plan at the end of each bi-monthly period to check in again on how the coming theme ties into our broader campaign work. Our idea is to have the themes relate to each other and the actions, seminars, or projects we will be working on in that period. Some of the activities we are organizing are info evenings, talks, documentary screenings,reading groups and articles tied to every two month block. 

Below you will find the outline of the preliminary themes for the next 10 months. If you would like to get involved in this evolving process be welcome at any of our open campaign meetings, info nights, or reading groups. Otherwise simply send us an email. We’re excited about this process and growing our knowledge, and community, around the various topics related to Fossil Free Agriculture!!



#1 Direct action – September, October & November
  • Conducting direct actions and getting together with other climate collectives in Amsterdam and abroad to discuss direct action and how we can make it more effective.
#2 Gender and Agriculture – December & January
  • Learning about the connection between feminist movements and climate justice with topics such as ecofeminism, agriculture gender equality, neoruralism, etc
#3 Alternatives to industrial agriculture – February & March: 
  • Figuring out how can we reinforce the alternative to industrial agriculture i.e. food forestry, agroecology etc. by showing documentaries, holding panel discussions and of course bringing it to the fields.
#4 Focusing on policy – April & May
  • What is the status quo of agricultural policy now and what do we dream of it being? Will it involve degrowth,capitalism criticism, anarchism, social solidarity economy or something else?
#5 Global South and neocolonialism – June & July
  • It is time to connect the the global south and north more. Got any big plans for the summer months?