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Urgent call: block the import of toxic gm maize

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On 11 July representatives of national governments will decide, if the most complex GM crop, so called smartstax,  can be imported as food to the EU or not. The GM maize from Monsanto combines 6 different toxin producing traits and two resistances to herbicides glyphosate as well as to glufosinate![:]

The think-tank Testbiotech has prepared a draft letter to Commissioner Borg. The member states vote but the European Commission decides about the agenda and has the power to send the maize back to EFSA for a new risk check. Scientists in Australia fed a mixture of genetically engineered maize to pigs and found it had significant effects on their health. Testbiotech is of the opinion that the new publications make it necessary to stop the process of authorisation.

Please disseminate this action in your networks and write to Commissioner Borg.

Here you can find the information and the letter to Borg: http://www.testbiotech.de/en/smartstax

You can also share this call via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StopTheCrop