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Saturday April 11th: ASEED Fundraising & donators thank you! Party

flyer_web-feest2015ASEED is almost broke, let’s fix it together! We are very happy to invite you to our first ASEED and benefit evening & donor thank you party of 2015, the fabulous band Grassmoawer will be playing as well as DJ Frank van S and DJ Duo Cocktail International (DJ Reg and Diskomodarator) please join us in The Pepper, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam!

16u: Drinks/cake/special donor thank you/kids-to-do’s

19u Vega-Bio 3 course Dinner by The Pepper. No reservations so be on time.

21u Band Grassmoawer

22.3u DJ Frank van S en DJ Duo Cocktail International

Ongoing: Wall visuals of 22 years ASEED actions for environmental and social justice: for seed diversity – against patents & GMO, against soy imports & animal industry – for more vegan food, for less corporate control and more grassroot power!

The Pepper – Overtoom 301 – Amsterdam

No entrance fee – donations welcome!

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To give a special thank you to all donors – and to recruit more donors – we’re throwing a benefit party in cooperation with organic, vegetarian restaurant The Pepper.  We wish to offer all donors of ASEED little token of appreciation and a glass of prosecco or lemonade. During the whole event you can find informations about the work of ASEED and meet current and former ASEED-ies.

Why ASEED needs donors NOW?

Since its creation 22 years ago we have managed to support our independent work with grants and subsidies and not bother friends and partners so much with begging request. But those days are over and we depend on our support base to ensure the survival of our organisation as well as its independence. We want to stay active on all important issues such as seed diversity, food sovereignty, against corporate power-tools like the trade agreement between the US (TTIP) and the EU and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and most importantly to keep working for social and environmental justice at a grassroots level.

ASEED has now about 50 regular or sporadic donors which is not the 200 we need at least to have a sustainable base to continue our work after 2015. So please join us at our event and consider becoming a donor viahttps://www.aseed.net/donate.

You can also help us out by sharing the donor page link and call with your friends.

Where does your money go?

This year ASEED already organized (together with Kraaybeekerhof) the successful Reclaim the seeds weekend (with 1500 participants!) And plans for the rest of 2015 include an Agriculture & Climate Action Camp and a critical presence at the UN climate summit in Paris. Further campaigns ASEED action against the TTIP trade agreement and patents on veggies and seeds.

Soon an online donors recruitment campaign will kick off again … We’re on our way, but we still lack the necessary 200 donors. That’s the minimal steady support base ASEED needs to be able to continue next year  campaigns against TTIP, patents on seeds and GMOs and fór food sovereignty and seed diversity.

More information about the benefit party and other ASEED news can be found on our Facebook page and our website.

Greetings and hopefully to the 11th of April!

The ASEED Team 2015

PS 1: Help ASEED get more donors, share this link with your friends: https://www.aseed.net/donate

PS 2: You can sign up for our digital newsletter Seedmail by sending an email to newsletter@aseed.net.

PS 3: Read more about restaurant The Pepper: https://depeper.org/eat-with-us/