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Bogota (Colombia)

Multicultural Processioin of Resistance

The Summit of the United Nations on Environment and Sustainable Development (more commonly referred to as Rio+10), will be held in Johannesburg from the 23rd of August to the 4th of September. In this Summit decisions will be taken that are expected to affect all habitants of the planet in environmental terms, and consequently social, economic and cultural aspects of life.

The decisions that derive from Johannesburg will concern all sectors of society, passing the ecological sphere to determine political, economic and sociocultural relations between the human race and the natural environment.

We have seen that 10 years on from the Earth Summit held in Río during 1992, the environmental situation has gravely worsened, global warming continues, the forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate, the extinction of more and more species, the increase in hunger and poverty; the growing threat to traditional and indigenous communities; in conclusion the scene is none too pretty, and World politics is far from resolving the social and environmental crisis that is evident at a planetary scale.

In this context, youth groups from different Colombian organisations are working together to carry out a Multicultural Processioin of Resistance to be held on the 31st of August in the city of Bogotá (Colombia), leaving at 9 am from the Plaza de Bolívar. And arriving at 1pm to the park of "Renacimiento" to star an open place of music and resistance expressions.

The objective of the Procession is to unite our voices against the theory and practice of environmental politics in Colombia and the World. To express our opposition to the way that the Colombian government continues to favour the interests of a minority and the relentless exploitation of cultures, natural resources and human rights. The irrational model of development has benefited multinational companies (oil and pharmaceutics amongst others), brought about the destruction of nature and has weakened the UN.

The Procession intends to generate spaces for popular, participative and cultural expression, where we can display what we believe, feel and work for. We want to make the Multicultural Procession of Resistance a diverse exhibition of different social sectors of society.

In this sense we extend a very special invitation to all organisations or individuals who wish to participate in the Procession, receive more information or be part of the organising committee.

Contact person: Irene Velez, Hugo Idarraga, Andres Yara.

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