Page for diverse actions at the Global Day of Action against a Corporate UN on August 31


Here is a selection of links which are relevant to the World Summit and the day of action,

south african groups:

  • Groundwork - a South African environmental NGO organising activities around the World Summit.
  • Anti Privatisation Forum - South African grassroots movement opposing attempts to privatise utilities, including water, and mobilising demonstrations for the World Summit.

other groups:


  • indymedia - international, independent media project which should have uptodate news of actions taking place on A31.
  • diversity radio and joburg media - live radio broadcasts from South Africa, bringing news and perspectives from the summit to the world.
  • radio earth summit - friends of the earth radio project.

information and research:

  • Corporate Watch UK - a UK based radical research group focussing on corporate issues. All of these 'Corp...' links link to an article about the Summit and the issues surrounding it.
  • Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) - another research group with valuable information.
  • Corpwatch US - and another research organisation based in the US.
  • The Girona Declaration, from the CEO website - a call signed by dozens of NGOs and grassroots groups to increase democracy in economic structures.
  • International Forum on Globalisation - a forum including activists, writers, academics, researchers, focusing on the economic effects of globalisation.
  • Third World Network - a network of organisations and individuals involved in Third World issues.

examples of greenwash:

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