Page for diverse actions at the Global Day of Action against a Corporate UN on August 31


news and media

One exciting thing about the actions surrounding the meeting are the radio link-ups between Johannesburg and the rest of the world. There are a couple of media projects doing this. Diversity-Radio is a project to broadcast news and views from Johannesburg to internet, local and comunity radios around the world. Joburb Media is a media platform which includes diversity radio, as well as other news reports and footage from the summit.

Radio Aarth Summit is a Friends of the Earth initiative to collect the voices of people affected by corporate activities, as well as messages from well-known people. They also plan to play thousands of noises inside the summit, each chosen by a member of the public who is concerned about our future.

Indymedia South Africa is a permanent radical news wire publishing news from South Africa. They will be covering the protests at the summit. Also check the international Indymedia site for further information and news.