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At the 8 of August Fältbiologerna did already an action in Stockholm. You can find a report below. They are also planning something for the A31 in Gothenburg. More information about those plans will follow as soon as possible.

short action report:

Justitia action in Stockholm, August 8

Before the meeting with the primeminister of Sweden and his environment and foreign
aid ministers, together with the NGO spectrum (trade unions, churches, Attac, green
groups etc), Fältbiologerna performed a simple action outside the government
building in Stockholm. Dressed up as the godess of justice in a white wedding dress,
a white ribbon covering the eyes, a stick used for blind people and a balance; one
bowl with money and gold and one lighter with plants, a pinguin etc, we asked the
participants of the meeting to pay some carbon checks or money in the money bowl, to
get entrance to the UN and Johannesburg. We had some banners, flyers and made a
pressrelease and had called the journalists in advance.

Someone from the action did actually join the ministerial meeting too, still in wedding dress. Many groups made points about the corporate responsability and Göran Persson said he was sceptical to the partnership stuff.

press release:

Ecological justice or failure in the UN

The 8th of August, Fältbiologerna, the Swedish nature & environment youth
association, had some serious talks with Göran Persson, primeminister in Sweden. The
issue was the UN confernce on sustainable development which will begin in the end of
August in Johannesburg, South africa. Fältbiologerna demands ecological justice 
rich countries and corporations should not have the right to pollute and exploit
witout taking any responsibilities.

The Johanesburgconference is in danger of becomming a fiasco. The badly needed
concrete actions are far away, despite the fact that the condition of the planet as
well as injustices have grew worse the past ten years. Notably, the increasing power
and environmental damages of large corporations are not matched with accountability.
Volontary initiatives within the corporate sector have not been sufficient and still
it is the solution presented at the top summit. The idea comes from the strong
corporate lobbyists. Instead, more and more NGOs demand globaly BINDING rules
regulating corporate activites.

If Göran Persson has a sincere interest for ecological and social sustainability, he
must work for corporate acountability in Johannesburg. Fältbiologerna wants:

  • focus on real problems: that people and the environment are set aside for the
    economy and corporations
  • corporate lobby out of the UN
  • globaly BINDING rules regulating corporate activites

Fältbiologerna work locally for sustainable development in Sweden during the autumn
with the project 'Press your politician bigwig' (Pressa din pamp). We investigate
what the muncipalities really have done in practice with Agenda21 and challenge the
politicians to take action and encouraging young people to raise their voices.

Malin Christensson, international coordinator Fältbiologerna
00 46 70 25 86 117

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