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Tokyo (Japan)

Walk for Sustainability

International Friendship Activities in Tokyo to Raise Awareness of Johannesburg Summit Issues

Dear Friends,

We are the NGO Global Village, founded in Tokyo in 1991. Global Village is a Non-Governmental Organisation campaigning on majority world and environmental issues, and supporting environmental and social welfare projects in the majority world. Global Village helps artisans and farmers help themselves and protect their environment.

As the Johannesburg Summit is fast approaching, our group has been trying to find activities in Tokyo that will support the NGO movement at the Summit and raise awareness of the basic ideals of sustainability and peace.

We would really like to help organise an event during the Summit, so that the Tokyo community can have a voice in support of the steps necessary for global peace and sustainability.

We are presently planning a gathering and march on August 31 (Saturday). We will be meeting in Miyashita Park, Shibuya, Tokyo, from noon to make placards (create a voice workshop), and will begin the march at 1pm, to reassemble in another park for information sharing and street theatre until 3pm. repare a speech, street theatre, etc. to share with others.

A member of the NGO Peace Boat's delegation to the Summit has agreed to report to us on the activities in Johannesburg and possibly relay information about our actions to people there.

Would you be interested in working together to make such an event happen? Please contact us by email, fax, or telephone for more information or to find out how to take part.

Thank you and best wishes,

Friends of Global Village and A SEED Japan

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