FAF#5 - a Summer of Solidarity


People are gathering again to make things happen, to learn and to take action in many different shapes and forms! From action camps to conferences, like the DeGrowth conference in Den Haag, to workshops with Zapatistas, there is so much to do in and around the Netherlands.

But first take some time to learn about the connection between fossil fuel extraction and industrial agriculture. It sounds technical, but we've written a concise and cheeky article to share some facts to connect the dots between these destructive industries and a key crossroad at which they meet: Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizer.

We've also written a more detailed article about the Zapatistas, their history, and their plans for a journey through Europe to build strong connections between struggles around the globe for a world more equitable and caring.

Finally, we also want to give the biggest thank you to everyone who helped out or participated in this year's epic Food Autonomy Festivals.
Watch this amazing aftermovie!

Enjoy this edition of the ASEED newsletter!

FAF#5 - A little throwback

People enjoying a workshop at the FAF in Utrecht
The Food Autonomy Festival #5 was two wonderful weekends, with lots of great conversations, moments of shared laughter and joy, learning about building alternative food systems and taking down the destructive ones.

Thanks to all the people who helped us in the weeks leading up to, during and after the FAF.
Thanks to all those who contributed with a workshop, talk, care or otherwise, those who cooked and performed. This would not have been possible without all your energy & enthusiasm!

There are plenty of fotos, impressions of the programme, and reflections of the wonderful festivals we created in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Wageningen on our website.

Fossil Fuels on Your Plate?

Dont Eat Fossil Fuels - Free the Soil
You might have heard about the industrial food system and that it is bad for the planet in some ways. You most likely have heard about fossil fuels - oil, coal and gas, which are bad for the climate. But how are these two interlinked? Can you really eat fossil fuels?

Let's look at the global food system and one of the main ways by which it is tied to fossil gas - nitrogen fertilizers. The producers of it advertise it as the key solution to create a sustainable future for people and the planet. However, this could not be further from the truth. For one thing, it has a devastating impact on our soils, but also the production is fueled by a massive use of fossil gas.

In connection to the Ende Gelände Action happened in Brunsbrüttel beginning of August. This article will briefly sketch out the connection between nitrogen fertilizers and the gas industry by using the example of the YARA fertilizer facility in Brünsbuttel, Germany.

What's next?

Degrowth, simply different

Degrowth Conference

On the 24th-28th of August the 8th International Degrowth Conference will take place in The Hague and online. With the slogan - Caring Communities for Radical Change- this year’s conference covers a variety of aspects ranging from Political Ecology & Feminist Degrowth to regenerative relationships between urban & rural spaces in a degrowth society to Decolonizing Degrowth and many other interesting themes.
This year’s conference is not just a standard academic conference but there will also be workshops, panel discussions, film screenings and other more “out of the box” formats that you can join!

ASEED collective members are involved in several different streams from Anarchy and Degrowth, Embodying Degrowth for healing transformations, and Urban Rural Dialogues. We will be contributing to many different discussions and workshops, some of them in collaboration with our friends at TNI, Toekomsteboeren and Voedsel Anders, to name a few. Keep an eye on the ASEED website for more updates, as well as checking out the full program once it's finalized here.
Make sure to register for the conference, offline the spots are limited.

Are you curious about degrowth?
You can find a brief explanation and many more resources here.
cartelnuevasfechas 2

Many Struggles to Live, One Heart to Fight!

The Zapatistas set sail in April on their journey to tell the planet that there is room for everyone in the world that they hold in their collective heart – and that this world will only be possible if we unite in our struggles to build it together.

In June they arrived in Spain, and are on their way now, meeting several collectives and comrades along the way, to ZAD de Notre Dame des Landes for a gathering of those struggling for a more equitable and caring world.
From July 28th-29th there will be a mixed choisi weekend, for women, non-binary people, and trans people. Directly after there will be a fully mixed gathering, where men will be welcome too.

This gathering will count on the presence of women, non-binary, inter, and trans people from the Zapatista delegation and the Other Europe.
Themes and contents present in the agenda try to imagine different formats from the ones we know, using all types of language that decentralize the spoken and written word to enhance the (re)creative expressions of our bodies, of the arts, of playfulness, enjoyment, and sport of other imaginaries that bring us closer to other horizons and futures for all.
Find out more about the gathering and how to sign up here.

ASEED has been in touch with the Zapatistas since the winter to take part in helping to plan and coordinate their trip to Europe. They will be coming to the Netherlands in the early Autumn, where there will be another gathering. If you want to know more about the Zapatistas we've written a thorough article about the Journey for Life that they are on here in Europe. Click the link below to learn more!

Would you like to support the Zapatistas in the Netherlands?
Your donation will help cover all costs regarding their visit, which means: transportation (to, from, and around the NL), accommodation, food, and health and legal aspects.

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