ASEED Europe
Plantage Doklaan 12a,
1018 CM Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

e-mail: info[at]
Please make sure to check your email spam folder. Unfortunately, our emails end up there quite often.
During the summer we might take longer to answer emails, since the team is on vacation on different moments. Please state at the subject of the email, if its urgent and we will do our best to get back to you quickly.

Telephone number: +31-638366748
(Preferred urgent phone hours: Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00-16:00 CET)


Social media
Yes, Twitter and Facebook suck. Their main aim is to please advertising companies, they are bad for your privacy and dangerous for activists. But too many people are using them and ASEED wants to reach those people as well. So you can now follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you use them, do it with caution!


Other online platforms
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To find out more about our events, check out Radasquat & Amsterdam Alternative.
We publish all of our beautiful photos on Flickr and some videos on Vimeo & YouTube.
You can also find us on LinkedIn.