To be able to continue and grow our independent and critical volunteer-based organisation, we need the financial support of people that sympathize with our positions and actions. People like you! Perhaps you can spare a recurring, monthly donation of €5-50? Perhaps a donation of three hours of the wage you make at your job? However big or small, one-off or monthly, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

If you donate with manual transfer, there are no transaction costs for us as opposed to ideal/SEPA or credit card, so this option is the best if you want all your donation to reach us. To make a donation by credit card, you can also use the Patagonia Action Works page, where you pick the currency of your choice.

Yes, I will join ASEED and become a contributor!

Pay with iDeal (NL) or SEPA (Europe)
You can make a single or recurring payment here


It is possible to support ASEED long-term, which gives us extra certainty about our income. From any bank account, you can easily schedule periodical money transfers. You are of course free to stop your scheduled payments at any moment. Periodic donations can be transferred to our Triodos Bank account.

  • IBAN: NL47 TRIO 0254 7289 52
  • Name: Stichting A SEED Europe, Amsterdam
  • Description: Periodical Donation ASEED
  • SWIFT/BIC code for payments from abroad: TRIONL2U

Although it is not necessary, we are happy to be informed about your intention to support ASEED with a periodic donation. By receiving your name and email address, it is possible for us to inform you, as a donor, about important campaign activities. And maybe you would like to receive our regular digital newsletter SEEDmail? If this sounds interesting, please share your contact details with

Thanks in advance from the whole ASEED team!

Deduct your contribution from your taxable income

Under certain conditions, your donation doesn’t have to put too much pressure on your personal budget. ASEED is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO or ANBI), acknowledged by the Dutch tax office. Therefore you can deduct a donation to ASEED from your taxable income in The Netherlands, under the condition that you commit to a fixed annual contribution for 5 years.

With this online calculator, you can see how much a donation would really cost you after tax deduction! You are also allowed to spread this payment. If you for example want to donate 5 Euro per month, you can download this form, print it, fill in your details including the amount of 60 (12 x 5,-) Euro annually, sign it and send it by post to ASEED or give it to an ASEEDer you know. We will sign it too and send a copy back to you. Don’t forget to sign up as a donor via one of the above registration methods as well! Easy enough, who would not want to channel tax money to an independent action group after all those subsidy cuts? More information about PBO can be found on the English section of the Dutch tax office website. The official information about the organization that is required for the ANBI status you can find here.

Make a donation here with your credit card in the currency of your choice (€, $, £…) thanks to our partner Patagonia. Please note that we need to pay a small transaction fee for each donation. If you can make a manual transfer or use iDeal instead, go ahead.

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