Gardening in abandoned spaces is a wonderful practice! We take back space and try to connect ourselves back to the soil and the land around us in cities.

Guerilla Gardening helps to establish connections and a sense of understanding of the environment immediately around us and not limit our relationship to nature to areas considered ‘pristine‘ or ‘untouched’. 

Planting flowers and herbs helps insects, increases biodiversity and increases the health of cities. We invite all of you to try it out yourself and share your challenges and successes with us in this page.

Our food doesn’t have to come from the cold shelves of supermarkets- growing your own food is fun, helps us to truly understand where our food comes from, and is an essential part of food sovereignty.

Try it yourself or join us in one of our projects! Send us pictures from your garden through !

If you need support on how to get started, you can find some resources here.

If you want to see our projects, you can check out some pictures here.

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