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Reading Group #2: Synthetic fertilizers & the big agribusinesses that produce them

February 16, 2023 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

We approaching the second session of our ASEED Reading Group! Let’s grow our brains together as we discuss hot topics in our Fossil Free Agriculture Campaign. We will get cozy and dive deep into the second of our four reading group topics, and we need your help to foster a rich co-learning environment! The next meeting will take place at the ASEED office on February 16th at 17:30. We’ll attend a voku next doors at the Dokcafé at 19:30, and we can continue our discussion over the meal.

For this session, we will focus on synthetic fertilizers and the big agribusinesses that produce them. What does synthetic fertilizer do to the soil and our food? How is it produced? What are big agribusinesses doing to keep themselves relevant during a climate crisis? Who is YARA, how is it connected to the consumption of Fossil Gas and neocolonial practices and is it really necessary to ‘feed the world’? Together we investigate how synthetic fertilizers deplete our soil and food of nutrients, and how agribusinesses do their very best to hinder food autonomy.

Just like last time, we’ll provide a list of materials in different formats to look at for the session, such as articles, information videos, zines, podcasts, etc., so you can engage with the topic according to your capacity and interests. To help us create an interesting discussion and learn about these topics together, we have a guest with particular knowledge on the given topic, an ASEED comrade, who is doing her university research on this subject.

Send an email to info@aseed.net to let us know you would like to attend this second reading group session, so we can send you a list of recommended materials to browse (approx. one week before the meeting). There are no requirements to attend, we just want to provide the opportunity to learn about these important topics together!


12 Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam