Below you can find the full schedule for all the talks, workshops and other activities happening at the FAF #5 in Utrecht on the 11th and 12th of June. We are really happy to be able to make this happen and we also want to make sure to keep everyone safe which is why we ask you to keep the following in mind: Please register for each activity that you want to join beforehand online with the links provided below as capacity is limited (In the case that there are a few exceptions to this, this is specified). The FAF will happen at Lunet 1, 3585 LD, Utrecht and the location has a maximum amount of people that can be there at the same time, so we encourage you to only come if you have registered for an activity. It might be that some spots become free during the day but generally pre-registration will be necessary. Make sure that you read our Covid-19 Protocol carefully when you register for an activity and come to the location, this includes all the rules we want to stick to, to keep each other safe during the event. We are super excited for you to join us and can’t wait to explore all of the activities together, see you then!

Friday 11th June

14:30-16:00 Farm Tour Tuin Kansrijk

Tuin Kansrijk is an organic garden situated in Groenekan, on cycling distance of the city of Utrecht. We are organized as a CSA (community supported agriculture) in a self-harvesting system. We also have a teagarden and veggie shop, where we sell cake, tea and our own vegetables. During the tour we talk about CSA’s and how they support a sustainable food future, as well as about organic farming.

Sign Up; Maximum Amount Participants: 10

18:00-19:00 FIAN Landbouwbrigades Belgium (Online Talk)

De Landbouwbrigades (agricultural brigades) are a brand new Flemish network of committed citizens who support agroecological farmers and the movement for agroecology and food sovereignty. The basic framework contains two pillars. First of all Brigadists learn about the everyday work at the farm during participative co-working days at different farms. And secondly, they co-organise, discuss, network and take part in actions and campaigns aimed at changing policies and our food system. Join this session by FIAN Belgium if you want to learn more about this solidarity network for farmers!

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19:30-20:30 Agroforestry systems at XFarm – Experimenting Alternatives in Southern Italy (Online Talk)

XFarm is a project of social and ecological agriculture carried out by the Social cooperative Qualcosa di Diverso, operating in San Vito dei Normanni (BR), Apulia, Italy. The mission is to regenerate 50 ha of land that have been confiscated from criminal organization and trasform them in a manifesto of good practices, both socially and ecologically. Inheriting an abbandoned monoculture of olive trees and vineyards, the cooperative is now experimenting alternatives for the transformation of the area. Join this online session to learn more about the Xfarm project, how they are transforming intensive olive grove monoculture into an agroforestry system and what the role of chickens and grazing is in all of this.

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20:00-22:00 The Barricade: Dumpster Diving Tour

The Barricade is a volunteer-run collective inspired by raccoons and anarchism. Every Sunday we do what we can to oppose this capitalist society we live in through our public library and an anti-foodwaste kitchen. At the Food Autonomy Festival, we offer a tour to Utrecht’s famous dumpsters where we usually collect our food. Come join us with a bike and a big bag.

Sign Up: Send an email to, maximum amount of participants are 5 people.

Saturday 12th June

10:30-11:30 The Barricade: Dumpster Diving Tour

The Barricade is a volunteer-run collective inspired by raccoons and anarchism. Every Sunday we do what we can to oppose this capitalist society we live in through our public library and an anti-foodwaste kitchen. At the Food Autonomy Festival, we offer a tour to Utrecht’s famous dumpsters where we usually collect our food. Come join us with a bike and a big bag.

Sign Up: Send an email to, maximum amount of participants are 5 people.

10:30-11:30 Paludiculture – A Promising Practice on Dutch Peatlands (Talk)

Covering only about 3% of the Earth’s surface, peatlands store more carbon than the world’s forests. Conventional agriculture on drained peatlands, however, causes peat degradation, soil subsidence up to 2 cm annually and enormous GHG emissions (3% of Dutch total GHG emissions!). In the Netherlands, practices and policy for peatlands urgently need to change. During this talk, we discuss how paludiculture – the productive use of wet peatlands by growing alternative crops such as cattail, reeds, mosses and cranberries- can play a role in future proofing Dutch peatlands. Plus we’ll try to spot real life wetland succession outside!

Sign Up; Maximum Amount of Participants: 15

10:30-12:00 Envisioning Food Systems for Degrowth (Workshop)

This workshop invites participants to explore how food production, distribution and consumption may be oriented towards degrowth: a planned and equitable downscaling of our economy to ensure a healthy planet, while maintaining sustainable livelihoods. We collectively imagine what type of values, relations and practices should be central in future food systems for a degrowth society and strategize which changes are needed to arrive at these food systems. We thereby pay particular attention to the structural constraints that our current growth-based society poses to these changes: How can we overcome these constraints? How can we unmake them?

Sign Up; Maximum Amount of Participants: 10

11:45-12:45 The Fascinating World of Bees (Talk)

Welcome to the bees fan club! The bee is not (yet) as popular as a hero on football shoes or a singer with a golden voice. But once you get to know her better, you will find out that she’s a real champ. More important than any human idol. Nothing or no one brings more life, colour or flavour in the world than this small genius. Children’s books writer Gerard Sonnemans will lead you into the fascinating world of domesticated and wild bees.15ppl limit

Sign Up; Maximum Amount of Participants: 15

12:15-13:45 Natural Fertilizer for your Garden – Green Manure and Crop Rotation (Talk)

How can you grow fresh veggies the whole year round and kickstart your garden after harvest so it’s ready for the next season?  In this workshop Charlotte Verhoeve from De Moestuin Juf will share with you how you can make the best out of your veggie garden and give nutrients back to the soil in a natural way. She will talk about different ways you can fertilize your garden with cover crops and crop rotation so you can take care of your garden in a plant-based way. 10ppl limit

Sign Up; Maximum Amount Participants: 10

13:15-14:45 No Food on a Dead Planet: Climate Change and the Fight for the Future of Food (Workshop)

Industrial food systems today are a major source of GHG emissions. There is a growing consensus that we need to change this, but there are dramatically different visions of how. In this workshop we will explore two visions of the future of food & the climate, and briefly unpack the role that corporations play in decision-making about these life-sustaining systems. We will devote a large part of the workshop to a collective discussion, strengthening our analysis and sharing stories and strategies for building stronger coalitions for just, sustainable, and democratically controlled food systems.

Sign Up; Maximum Amount Participants: 15

14:00 Travelling Farm Museum Tour to the Microgreenery “Microrgnics”

Since last year we are mapping the agro-activities still remaining in our vinexwijk Leidsche Rijn, every Saturday we go by bike to visit different producers and listen to their stories, why, how and what. We bring the consumer closer to their food and give the possibility to ask questions and look around the land. Join the Travelling Farm Museum on a tour to the Microgreenery Microrganics in Leidsche Rijn to discover different microgreens, learn how they are grown and what contribution they can make to the food system in the city. 

Sign Up: Send an email to if you want to join, a maximum of 15 people can join.

14:15-15:45 Reading Together: Veganism in an Oppressive World (Workshop)

Every month ASEED organizes an (online) reading group and this time we want to bring the reading group to the FAF! Talking about dismantling industrial agricuture does not go without examining our eating habits and for some people this means embracing a vegan lifestyle. But, for a long time the veganism movement has struggled with being intersectional and inclusive. That is why in this live-reading group session we want to uncover some of the shortcomings of the mainstream veganism narratives and explore together how we can make veganism more intersectional. We think it is important to listen to those that have been marginalized by this movement and reflect on what consequences this brings about. For this, we will be reading in small groups, excerpts of the book “Veganism in an Oppressive World – A Vegans-of-Color Community Project”. There is no need for preparation or previous knowledge and we will hand out the readings during the session. We are looking forward to fruitful conversation on this interesting topic!

Sign Up; Maximum Amount of Participants: 10

15:00-16:30 Sluit Vion! (Talk)

Shut Down VION! (Sluit VION!) is a coalition with a long term mission to shut down the largest meat company in the Netherlands: Vion. We take action to denounce everything that is wrong with Vion, and we give publicity to actions of others that fit within our values and contribute to our vision. Our vision is: we want Vion to either shut down, or be transformed into an organisation that is animal friendly (i.e. does not slaughter animals), takes good care of workers, does not cause nuisance to local residents, and makes a positive contribution to the environment. Shut Down VION! is a coalition of citizens and the following organisations: Alle Dieren Vrij (Liberate All Animals); Animal Rebellion; Vrije Bond Noord-Brabant; Autonomen Brabant; Earthlings NL, and Cage Undefined. In our talk we will explain more about our campaign and how you can become active. We also want to hear your ideas about shutting down a slaughterhouse !

Sign Up; Maximum Amount of Participants: 10

16:00-17:00 Amelisweerd Niet Geasfalteerd Forest Walk

The forest of Amelisweerd is threatened by the expansion of the A27. In 1970, the plans for the destruction of the forest first became public. The local residents initially resisted the construction, in a time when civilian participation in government planning was not previously seen. Amelisweerd became a symbol of nature preservation for activists and the highway piercing though it a prestige project for goverment officials.

To this day, Amelisweerd continues to enflame the discussion about the preservation and value of nature and the importance of mobility. With this walk through forest, history and ecology, we hope to explain what inspires civilians to become passionate activists.

Sign Up; Maximum Amount Participants: 15

16:00-17:30 Sharing the Story of a Journey to a Food Forest (Workshop)

When I was a child I had a dream: to become a veterinarian and a protector of nature. But time passed by, and due to many circumstances I slowly drifted away from the core of my childhood dreams. When I was 30,I realized that although my life was “successful”, actually almost none of my childhood dreams had come true. That felt really bad and I was determined to find my way back to them and went on what turned out to be a long and challenging personal journey to get back to my dreams. I am now 46 years old and running a 1,5 ha start-up foodforest in the Kromme Rijn district, south from Utrecht. In this workshop I (Joyce from would like to share my story with you, to inspire you to never give up in your journey, no matter how impossible or neverending it seems. And I would like to hear about your journey, your challenges. Our journeys bound together may actually really change the world. Let us share them this afternoon and fire up the energy for change.

Sign Up; Maximum Amount Participants: 10

16:45-17:45 VOKO- DIY Food Distribution (Workshop)

VOKO Utrecht is a food coop with almost 100 members. Every 2 weeks members can order fresh organic* veggies, fruit, herbs, funghi, dairy or meat from local farmers and producers (max. 30 km from Utrecht). In this workshop we’ll think and talk about the infrastructure and logistics of a food coop, what can be copied to other localities and what are the fundamental values and practices for a collaborative food distribition system.
* = not all products are organic certified, but everything is as environmentally friendly produced as possible

Sign Up; Maximum Amount Participants: 15

Continuos Workshop & Activities

Beerbrewing Workshop (10:30-12:00 Part A , 13:00-14:30 Part B, 15:30-17:00/17:30 Part C)

After four years of brewing beer on the West Coast of North America, Adri van der Loos moved to Europe, where he first brewed in Switzerland and now in Utrecht. He brings a distinct North American style flavour to the European homebrew scene. He also brews cider, kombucha and kvas (a Russian pop-type drink made from old bread and even used beer grain). Come learn how to brew beer, from the raw ingredients to final product! The workshop is complete with an intro to beer brewing, ingredient tasting, smelling and feeling, beer brewing and homebrew tasting. 

The workshop will last for around 6h in total (Beerbrewing takes time:)!) but you can choose to only sign up for a few (or all if you’re a super enthusiast!) segments of the workshop and participate in the different parts of the brewing process. You can find more info on the content each timeslot in the registration form.

Sign Up; Maximum Amount of Participants per Timeslot: 5

ArtLab: Sensorial Food Experience and Scanography Workshop (12:00-13:00; 14:00-15:00; 16:00-17:00)

Do you also feel overwhelmed with all the information that we consume every day, yet seem to put aside so quickly? During the ArtLab workshops we will look for a way of communicating where information is more visceral. Less avoidable. That’s when we turn to food and consume it differently!
The workshop is divided in two parts:

  • Sensorial food experience in a social setting in which food processing becomes the stage for discussion. By ingesting and digesting information through food,  communication can be an embodied, physical experience that’s maybe less easy to forget.
  • Scanography workshop where you can translate your critical statement into an image. You can learn how to use artistic methods and visual tools, such as assemblage, text and image, visual poetry, light and shadow.

At the ArtLab we will use food packages and give a second chance to food from the dumpster.

Sign Up: We encourage you to register here for the timeslot you prefer. Some spots will be open to sign up directly on the site but if you want to be sure to participate, register beforehand.

DIY Wormhotel (Workshop Station)

What are wormhotels & how do they work and provide you beautiful compost in the end? In this all-day workshop station you will get all the info needed, learn how to make your own wormhotel out of recycled buckets and maybe even get the chance to make one and take it home (limited availability of materials).

Sign Up: This activity will happen continuously during the day, no sign ups required.

Stalls & Food & Evening Programme

The Barricade Free Fruit Market & Anarchist Library/Zine Stand

The Barricade is a volunteer-run collective inspired by raccoons and anarchism. Every Sunday we do what we can to oppose this capitalist society we live in through our public library and an anti-foodwaste kitchen. At the Food Autonomy Festival they will have a stand with a zine library and anti-foodwaste market, so come by if you want to read some radical zines and take some free saved fruit!

FreeShop Corner

The Freeshop is usually located at 2e Daalsedijk 2a in Utrecht. For the FAF they will bring the freeshop (well, at least a tiny part of it) to the festival site!

Lunch & Dinner by Taste Before You Waste Utrecht

Your Local Pirates

Here we are: Joke Kaviaar and Peter Storm. Together, we are Your Local Pirates: a couple of singing rebels.
We sing and make music, acoustic songs with guitar and voice. You can find us at demonstrations, alternative festivals and wherever we get ourselves invited to make the atmosphere even more rebellious than the mood already is. Many of our songs are written by either one or both of us, but we also play songs we like that other artists created. Be prepared for our attack!