Roundup Ready Soy is breaking down Paraguay

An article from ASEED’s old friend Marjolein van de Water in the Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant. She writes about the devastating effects of the soy production in Paraguay. [:]

Urgent call: block the import of toxic gm maize

Send a letter to Commissioner Borg and forward this call today! On 11 July representatives of national governments will decide, if the most complex GM crop, so called smartstax,  can be imported … verder lezen

Glyphosaat, poisonous green stuff in the defence

roundup-met-sojaboon-250While in the Netherlands the Reclame Advies Commissie (advisory commission for commercials) corrects Monsanto – the chemical company was unjustly saying that glyphosate, the main ingredient of their best selling pesticide Roundup is not polluting the soil – the lobby of the intensive agriculture lounged a new website to protect the selling of this green poison’.

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