Depending on your donation you can receive one of the following contribution thank-you gifts. We will do our best to distribute them by February 2021 after receiving your donation. Once you’ve placed a donation we will contact you for further details. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to ship items for more than 7€ shipping costs, unless you pay the shipping.

Level I (single time 5€): Stickers, Postcard  and Buttons

Level II (single time 10€): Level I + Brochures + Behoud Lutkemeer Posters

Level III (single time 25€): Level II + wooden sign OR book + flag

Level IV (5-10€/month OR single time 80-100€): Level III + a T-shirt OR Tote bag)

You can choose either a T-Shirt or a DIY Totebag. When we contact you for your donation you can indicate which one (which Letter/Number) you would like to receive, we can also give you more information about the sizes. Each item is only available one time as it is all printed on 2nd hand pieces.

Level V (From 10€/month OR single time 100-120€): Level IV + VoKu Voucher for 2 (for those in Amsterdam) OR a second item of choice