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Seed Sovereignty in Practice

May 6, 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

1st session:
Seeds Sovereignty in practice

6th of may on Zoom

A practical workshop where participants learn or remember the political and ethical motivations to contribute toward seed sovereignty, freedom and stewardship. In preparation for the Farmsterdammers you can learn everything about how to handle seedlings.


Part 1: Politics & ethics

The first half of the workshop offers a geohistorical seed journey describing how humanity went from cultivating 10,000 species of plants to 150 plants. We have lost 75% of plant genetic diversity in the twentieth century. We describe the corporate industrial threats to seed sovereignty and invite you to be a ‘clicktivist’ for seed freedom and no patents on seeds.


Part 2: From seeds to seedlings to seeds

The second half of the workshop shares resources and tips on how to be a seed steward and contribute to the regeneration of agro-biodiversity. We go full cycle starting with seed germination, then caring for seedlings at home and preparing for the Farmsterdammer seedling exchange. We then share exemplar practices on how to plant out your seedlings and then how to select and save the most resilient and valuable seeds to meet our current and future needs.


Part 3: Farmsterdammers

On Saturday 15 May 2021 pick up your vegetable plants in the streets of Amsterdam.

Lots of free plants in your area for you to grow at home.

Take part in the initiative and grow plants to share.


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Farming during the Food Autonomy Festival#5 Amsterdam:

5th of June

During the Amsterdam FAF#5 edition we’ll co-organize a farming activity sowing local seeds and learning about several small-scale organic farming practices

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Philosophical/political discussion around Seeds and patents on life

Summer 2021

As part of the Kaskantine philosophical/political events we’ll engage on an open discussion about patents on life and seeds exchange as a way of protesting


May 6, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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