Keep on rockin´ in the ¨GMO-free¨ world

While many celebrities are willing to simply use their name to promote a fashionable cause (and, of course, to promote themselves) without seriously engaging with the issue at hand, Neil Young has … verder lezen

IFOAM EU: classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs

IFOAM EU urges the European Commission to classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs IFOAM EU, a European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming, has published a position paper on new … verder lezen

GMO labelling in the USA: a tipping point for the industry?

While labelling GMO ingredients in food is mandatory in the European Union, it is still debated in the USA. Vermont is the first state which has passed a law to force companies … verder lezen

The Monsanto Tribunal

During the Climate Summit in Paris, the date of the Monsanto Tribunal has been revealed. It will take place in: The Hague – 14th – 16th of October 2016 For an increasing … verder lezen

Many Marches Against Monsanto in the Netherlands

On Saturday May 23 there will be world wide protest against Monsanto, a large company monopolising agriculture with its pesticides, seeds, patents and lobby activities. In the Netherlands there will be Marches … verder lezen

Field Liberation Movement activists’ request to ILVO

PRESS RELEASE On 23 December, the Ghent Court of Appeal reached a verdict in the trial against the 11 activists who, in 2011, participated in the “big potato exchange” of Wetteren. The … verder lezen

Wetteren court case: acquittal of the potato activists

[This article is only available in Dutch] Op 23 december 2014 is het arrest in het GGO-aardappelproces uitgesproken. De 11 veldbevrijders van Wetteren werden vrijgesproken voor bendevorming. De vrijspraak voor bendevorming is … verder lezen

Flyer action at Starbucks in Amsterdam

Today’s action at Starbucks in de Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam was a success, despite the grey weather. For more than one hour, we handed out flyers to customers and passersby and stood … verder lezen

Update seed regulations

This autumn seed saver organisations from different European countries came together in Vienna, to discuss the current developments with European seed policies and legislation. This text is the result of that meeting. … verder lezen

P Day! The Field Liberation Movement court case in Gent

Tuesday October 28th was the day of the appeal in Gent for the activists who got arrested for being part of the potato swap in May 2011 in Wetteren. The “field liberators” … verder lezen

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