IFOAM EU: classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs

IFOAM EU urges the European Commission to classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs IFOAM EU, a European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming, has published a position paper on new … verder lezen

Stop the EU Unitary Patent on Seeds!

ASEED is against patents on seeds and for the accessibility of seeds for farmers and gardeners. As part of our campaign work we promote alternative networks that save and exchange the seeds and protect and maintain the agricultural diversity. But we really appreciate it that other organisations are following the developments with the European legislation in detail. Below you can read a press release from ‘No Patents on Seeds’ about the way the role of the European Court of Justice in patent cases is decimated and about the weakening of the breeders rights. Another alarming developments is that the procedures become so expensive that only corporations will be able to interfere in the process. For civil society organisations and farmers it will become almost impossible to react on proposed legislation in an official way.

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New publications on seed laws that criminalise farmers: resistance and fightback

Booklet, poster and map Peasant seeds – the pillar of food production – are under attack everywhere. Under corporate pressure, laws in many countries increasingly limit what farmers can do with their … verder lezen

Monsanto patent on tomatoes revoked!

A very welcome example of resistance against powerful agro-giant Monsanto that has paid off – their European patent on conventionally bred tomatoes (EP1812575) has been retracted partly as a result of an … verder lezen

Sowing Diversity: a short report

Between Oct 1st and Oct 5th, more than 30 young people gathered in Amsterdam to share their experiences about their favorite topics : seeds, farming, biodiversity and community gardening. Thanks to the … verder lezen

Update seed regulations

This autumn seed saver organisations from different European countries came together in Vienna, to discuss the current developments with European seed policies and legislation. This text is the result of that meeting. … verder lezen

Reclaim the Seeds 2015: February 28th and March 1st in Driebergen

In 2015 the fourth Reclaim the Seeds weekend will be organised! This time it will take place in Driebergen, just east of Utrecht, where the event is welcomed at the Kraaybeekerhof estate. … verder lezen

Dutch candidates EU elections about seed law and TTIP

[Sorry, this article only exists in Dutch] ASEED heeft vrijwel alle kandidaten voor de EU verkiezingen op 22 mei een vragenlijst gestuurd over de EU-zadenwet, octrooien en het TTIP. We hebben een … verder lezen

EU Seedlaw rejected by European Parliament

The proposal for a new European Seed law has just been rejected by the European Parliament. This is a victory for all the organisations and individuals that have protested and organised against … verder lezen

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