Efforts towards free seeds in Colombia

For three years now, the Longo Maï cooperatives have been working together with the network ’Guardianes de Semillas de Vida’ (Guardians of the seeds of life) in Colombia. In the letter below, … verder lezen

Reclaim the Seeds: save the dates for 2018

24 februari Rotterdam; 3 maart Amsterdam; 10 maart ergens in Vlaanderen. Er werd ons al door vele mensen gevraagd of er al een plek en datum bekend is voor een volgend Reclaim … verder lezen

Update 15th Garden and Syria

Since the Reclaim the Seeds festival last March (2017) ASEED is in good contact with The 15th Garden, a network for Food Sovereignty in Syria containing urban gardens in besieged cities and … verder lezen

Monsanto’s impact on basic human rights

After several months of work following the hearings of witnesses and experts (The Hague, Oct. 2016), the five judges of the Monsanto Tribunal have delivered their conclusions in a 60-pages legal advisory … verder lezen

The European Patent Office forbids patents on plants (but not really)

The European Patent Office had a meeting on June 29 2017 about patenting plants and animals. This is part of the process that is already going on for almost a year and … verder lezen

How ‘open source’ seed producers are changing global food production

Patenting plant material has been an ever increasing trend since the early 2000s. Today, many staple crops have been patented which concerns plant breeders, environmentalists, and food security experts that understand the … verder lezen

“They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were SEEDS”

The 15th Garden, a cross-border movement for food sovereignty in Syria Report of two presentations about “The 15th Garden” by Ansar Hevi. This report combines the presentation and discussions during a workshop … verder lezen

Reclaim the Seeds 2017: Nijmegen spreaded the seeds

[no English translation available yet] Zaterdag 4 maart gonsde de hal van voormalige spinnerij de Vasim in Nijmegen van de activiteit. De belangstelling voor de landelijke zadenmarkt en zadenruilbeurs Reclaim the Seeds … verder lezen

Monsanto Tribunal Judges will deliver a legal opinion on April 18th 2017

[Latest update 06/04/2017] On Oct 15th-16th, the Monsanto Tribunal took place in the Hague. It was an unprecedented international mobilization that enabled five eminent judges to hear testimonies from victims coming from … verder lezen

Resistance to agri-business is rising

Together with 200+ civil society organisations, ASEED has signed an open letter to the EU Commissioner Vestager (responsible for competition and for regulating the mergers) and other relevant Commissioners to voice its … verder lezen

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